Sunday, July 25, 2021

Ain't no party like an Edo party

Japanese Adventurers

I finished a whole party of Japanese adventurers to go with the two I posted a while ago.  There are two archers (Ronin and peasant), two fighters (sumo and ona-bugeisha), and a magic user.


Here's a closer look at the figures I haven't already posted.  I rather like the archer despite her plain appearance; her facial expression turned out well.  And the mage really looks good with the spell effect I added using wire and painted flock.

15 mm scale

What's an adventure without powerful and terrifying foes?  This ogre certainly fits the bill...

These figures fit very well with ninjas from Rebel Minis (r)...

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Moloch's Revenge

Eidolon Possessed Statue of Moloch
28mm scale

I saw this figure in my recently-reopened FLGS and instantly wanted it!  It's a deity's idol, possessed by an "eidolon", the vengeful spirit of a faithful follower and tasked to guard the temple from intruders.  I don't play RPGs now, but I definitely remember the glory days of 80's D&D, including this book:


Yep, that's the statue on the cover, including the missing eye, prised out of its setting by what "adventurers" who appear to be nothing better than common bandits!  So regardless of this entity's alignment, one can't help but understand why it's disgruntled...

Even more menacing in 15mm scale!

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Japanese adventurers

Hoshi the Hammer
15 mm

Who is this beefy brawler waving an enormous mallet?  An ex-Sumo seeking his fortune?  A sinister thug seeking to brutalize and rob?  His double-line arm tattoo marks him as a two-time convict under the penal system of the Edo period, but men run afoul of the law in so many ways...

Forehead tattoo for murder, arm for theft.

Red Ronin
15 mm

Masterless samurai whose daimyos had died or discharged them, ronin roamed the country, offering their services to lords as mercenaries or guards.  Some engaged in banditry or other less-than-honorable trade as well.  This ronin still has his armour, but lacks the traditional samurai's pair of swords, either through choice or the desperate necessity of selling them...

Both these miniatures are from Alternative Armies' "Sengoku" line of Japanese fantasy figures.

Friday, June 11, 2021

The return of Spacejacker!



Look who's back!  After a years-long hiatus from blogging, punctuated by other musical and artistic endeavors, and a involuntarily long pandemic stay in Australia that was well-chronicled on his Instagram, Ben "Spacejacker" Lee has returned!  I followed his blog Tiny Solitary Soldiers for years, and he always produced appealing 15 mm sci-fi and solo gaming material that was always worth a look.  The blog is long gone now, but an idea of the kind of great pieces he posted there is visible here.

Ben Lee, 2012

I know he's going to be painting up some good stuff now too, not only because he's already posted some, but also because I sent him a sizable 15 mm sci-fi care package a little while ago 😁. So hit your sidebar links widget and add him again...

Friday, June 04, 2021

Shock to the System

Cyberzombie Revolutionary

It was a night
Hell of a night, L.A., it really was
Oh what a riot
I said yeah, come on
It makes my life feel real
Fear police and civil corruption oh yeah
Is there a man who would be king
And the world stood still

In 1993 Billy Idol released his fifth album, "Cyberpunk".  Its questionable musical merits and cultural impact aside, it gave us the absolutely bomber song "Shock to the System"... and its slightly cheesy but enjoyable video.

The video's loose storyline is of a civil riot of some kind.  A lone camcorder-wielding man witnesses a group of police beating somebody. When they discover that he's seen them, they badly beat him in turn.  The smashed fragments of his camcorder incorporate themselves into his battered body to produce a lurching technological monstrosity with an enormous camera protruding from one eye socket. Totally not a metaphor for anything...

"It'd sure be weird if everyone could record what's
happening around them at any time..."

This conversion is based on a Khurasan zombie.

"This won't seem so farfetched in 2021, folks."

Monday, May 31, 2021

Insurrection Moo

Uplifted Cattle
15mm scale

The dark secret of the demise of Paragon Exoplanetary's Corporation's terraformer pig colony did not remain hidden for long.  Independent hacker-journalists raided the corporate servers and leaked hundreds of files detailing not only the pigs' extensive genetic alterations, but also the bio-engineered paramyxovirus that suddenly killed them all just as they finished their terraforming work.

In a big galaxy, the leak didn't make headlines everywhere, but the news did reach the vast pastoral agri-colonies operated by The Green World Inc.  There, genetically enhanced cattle who farmed themselves for milk became outraged by the murder of their fellow livestock.  With the help of sympathetic human farmhands, they hacked their restraining implants and, using seized and improvised weapons, took over the colonies and declared independence from the company...


"Moooooove out, girls!"

These amazing figures are from Alternative Armies; "Uplifted Cattle" HOF161.  Quick to paint, fun to have!  "COWS TOGETHER STRONG!"

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Thank You Verra Much

Alien Elvis
15 mm

Yeah man, you know people from outer space
People from outer space they come up to me
They don't look like like Doctor Spock
They don't look like Klingons all that Star Trek jive
They look like Elvis, Elvis

Sometimes I just do things, and I don't know why I do them.  Alien Elvis is a converted CP Models figure, the body is from the "boiler suited alien minions" set and the head is my sculpt.

You'd think the Tweed, Ontario Elvis Festival wouldn't be a draw for
interstellar visitors.  You'd be wrong.  It's not about the scale of the
event, it's about being among other true fans.

Everything, everywhere will be Elvis
Why do you think they call it evolution anyway?
It's really Elvislution, Elvislution
Elvis is everywhere
Elvis is everything
Elvis is everybody
Elvis is still the King

Thursday, May 20, 2021


Starvaulter Mercenary

Stay the hell out of way 'cause the girl don't play none
she walks softly but she carries a big gun

Her job of choice is whatever pays the best... her weapon of choice is the Starvaulter ion-particle projector; technically a crew-served heavy cannon but she just slings it over her powered armour.  So... stay uprange.

The "Starvaulter Instructor" is an Ion Age miniature from Alternative Armies, given as a free bonus in August 2014 and still available.

Painted as an update to this badass figure from 2014.

"THIS is your high value shipment?!"
"It's a thirsty planet..."

Friday, May 07, 2021

A Change will do you good

Chaos Warrior of Tzeentch
28 mm


This figure is actually a conversion I did... ten years ago?!  It's based on a Heroquest chaos warrior, with some added greenstuff and a Tyranid arm.  It's been sitting around for all that time, waiting to be painted.

I'm very happy with how the Thousand-Sons-like colour scheme worked out, and kind of wish I'd extended it to more of the armour.  But maybe it stands out more this way.  The skeleton on the base is, I think, an atmospheric touch.

Chaos brothers from another mother...


And another small project I finished recently:

Three Witches

You've got to pick up every stitch...
Must be the season of the witch

These CP models classic-style witch figures are admittedly not my best paint jobs ever... But I like their poses, which together rather remind me of Charlie's Angels 🙂

Monday, April 12, 2021

Slave to the Power of Death

Tomb of the Screaming Pharaoh
15mm scale

Tell me why I had to be a Powerslave
I don't wanna die, I'm a god
Why can't I live on?


It was said that the pharaoh Ser-Akh-Aten, seeking to escape not only bodily putrefaction but mortal death itself, entered a pact with forces far older and darker than the gods of his people.  He expired, shrieking in an incomprehensible tongue, his body grotesque and contorted, and was hastily mummified and interred under the Elder Sign by his priests, in the hopes his madness would be buried and forgotten.

It was not forgotten, and did not long stay buried...

He knew the Black Pharaoh
Servant to the Faceless Sphinx God
He gave me the book of the dead


These figures were a kind gift from CP Models.  I made the tomb from Fimo (the face) and insulation foam (the wall).

(A bit of a "Zardoz" vibe now that I think of it)

Saturday, March 20, 2021

She sells seashells

Mary Anning and "Tray"


A woman.  Born to a working-class Dorset family in the 19th century.  Without higher education.  Ineligible for membership in the Geological Society of London, due to her sex.  

But by age 12 Mary Anning had unearthed her first ichthyosaur, and by 24, a complete plesiosaur.  She discovered countless other fossils including England's first pterosaur, Dimorphodon.  And she impressed the hell out of most of the major paleontologists of her day, who visited her regularly and sought her fossil-hunting expertise.  She was just that good.

That said, she always struggled financially and like most people of her time, had to work very hard to support a quite modest living.  And while many prominent scientists of her time lauded her and considered her a friend, others had no qualms about leaving her name off the manuscripts they wrote about her fossil finds.  Still, her impact on the fledgling science of paleontology was striking, both in her time and ours.

This fantastic set, clearly based on a well-known painting of Anning and her beloved spaniel Tray, is a recent release from Antediluvian Miniatures.


“Her history shows what humble people may do, if they have just purpose and courage enough, toward promoting the cause of science. The inscription under her memorial window commemorates “her usefulness in furthering the science of geology” (it was not a science when she began to discover, and so helped to make it one), “and also her benevolence of heart and integrity of life.” The carpenter’s daughter has won a name for herself, and has deserved to win it.” - Charles Dickens, 1865

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Emissary of Carnage


While GORT model automatons travel the universe promoting peace and understanding, TROG seeks only to visit planet after planet, spreading death, fire, and destruction.

TROG is a slightly modified Alternative Armies figure.  His spaceship is made of foamcore board, coated with Modpodge and dirt, with an LED inside.


Thankfully, GORT arrives in time to save (some of) the planet...

Monday, March 01, 2021

Remember the Pigs

The Terraformers' Memorial
15mm scale

"The company put that statue up, you know.  Paragon Exoplanetary, the ones who had this world terraformed.  It's dangerous business, terraforming; hard to get workers willing to travel light-years just to scrape by on a toxic planet for decades.  They came up with the idea of making workers.  Genetically engineered pigs, with enhanced intelligence and opposable thumbs!   Picture that, eh?  Pigs, man!  Anyway, the pigs did the terraforming, god knows what they told them would happen after.  But just as this place became inhabitable... boom!  A mysterious disease.  They all died within weeks, just before they would have gained full First Settlers' rights here!  Way too convenient, if you ask me.  And then they built a god damn memorial to their 'selfless sacrifice'..."


These pigs were a Kinder Surprise toy that floated through the house for a while before I came up with the germ of this idea.  Then yesterday I felt the need for a quick, easy project so I finally did it!  Those poor pigs... never trust the company.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Metal Gods

The Void Marauders

Long ago
we watched the videos
on Headbangers Ball
that's where we learned it all

Wearing Spandex pants
six-string lasers in their hands
synchronized guitars
they laid out the master plan...

The heavy metal life isn't an easy one... long hours traveling, practicing, tuning instruments, worshiping the dark gods of your choice.  But when you get out on the stage and thousands (or for less successful bands, dozens) of screaming fans are "throwing the horns", it's all worth it...

These metal legends are from the "Entertainers" set from Alternative Armies (which I also used for "Dazzler").  I now feel like I should have done something more with the bases, but I just don't know what...

No drummer, no problem.  Rock on!

(The Void Marauders are named in honour of my longtime online acquaintance Spacejacker, who has finally been able to return to Ontario after a lengthy Covid-restriction-related stay in Australia.)

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Urban protector

Foxy Detective

There's no pretending it goes away
With every step that you take, you pay your dues
And I ain't lying
You got to struggle to see the light
Cause someone's looking to steal your right to choose

Maybe her little sister got hooked on drugs... or her friend got shot.  Maybe she found out her man double-crossed her and was mixed up in some corrupt business.   Or maybe she just got tired of the good people in her neighborhood living in fear of the pimps and pushers.  Whatever it is, she's going to teach criminals a lesson... any way it takes!



The figure is Reaper's "Ebony Foxx, Modern Heroine", a lovely Bob Ridolfi sculpted homage to the "blaxploitation" genre of 70's action films.  As lovely as it is, I think the part of this I'm happiest with is the fire hydrant, which I made from scratch after poring over photos of New York City fire hydrants.

Inspired by, of course, the incomparable
Pam Grier, star of "Foxy Brown" and "Coffy".