Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pugnacious Prang

Prang Commando Squad
15 mm

Pod-leader E'Li and his crew of heavily-armed marines storm yet another pirate vessel, rescuing captives and capturing or eliminating the criminals.  Their effective use of heavy blaster rifles and industrial-strength laser cutters make them very dangerous shipboard adversaries.

Originating from a swampy, water-rich planet, Prang are bulky amphibian-like bipeds slightly larger than humans. Their resistance to injury and astonishing regenerative abilities, coupled with their culture's strong values of fairness and justice, mean that in addition to forming a formidable self-defense force on their home world, Prang expatriates can be found serving fearlessly in police and paramilitary law enforcement forces across the galaxy. In Prang society, an honest person presents their thoughts plainly, so in addition to a reputation for bravery, Prang are known for having no concept of tact whatsoever.

Figures are, of course Eli Arndt's batrachian Prang from

Monday, June 15, 2015

War Lizard

Kada Pirate
15 mm

Descended from powerful crocodile-like apex predators, Kada are the true high-tech savages of the galaxy.  Eschewing subtlety or diplomacy, they prefer to attack swiftly with powerful blasters and cantoloupe-sized concussion grenades, or claws and teeth in close quarters.  Of course, such vicious fighting generates quite an appetite, so fallen enemies and any unlucky captives are eagerly devoured without delay.  Kada are often found engaging in opportunistic piracy or working as mercenary shock troops for other warlike species.

A "Draccian" figure.

Monday, June 08, 2015

For the Emperor!

Sister-Captain B'than
15 mm

The "Human Empire" is barely an empire at all by galactic standards; a single moderately resource-rich star system with a handful of inhabited worlds.  Their massive and religiously fanatical military, on the other hand, are a force to be reckoned with.  Brethren and Sistren of the Imperial Forces are indoctrinated from birth to worship the mysterious Emperor and perform any sacrifice or atrocity in his name.  Highly xenophobic, the Empire have already enslaved and slaughtered one sapient species in their home system, and would set their sights on others nearby if they were not restrained by the close proximity of the Cultural Collective.

B'than, an elite veteran, has distinguished herself in numerous border conflicts against humans and alien "abominations".  Her unrestrained purity of purpose against uprisings among the agricultural and industrial helots of the Empire has earned her both Orders of Faith and the admiration of her comrades.

The figure is Ion Age's "Lady Arachne".