Saturday, February 27, 2021

Metal Gods

The Void Marauders

Long ago
we watched the videos
on Headbangers Ball
that's where we learned it all

Wearing Spandex pants
six-string lasers in their hands
synchronized guitars
they laid out the master plan...

The heavy metal life isn't an easy one... long hours traveling, practicing, tuning instruments, worshiping the dark gods of your choice.  But when you get out on the stage and thousands (or for less successful bands, dozens) of screaming fans are "throwing the horns", it's all worth it...

These metal legends are from the "Entertainers" set from Alternative Armies (which I also used for "Dazzler").  I now feel like I should have done something more with the bases, but I just don't know what...

No drummer, no problem.  Rock on!

(The Void Marauders are named in honour of my longtime online acquaintance Spacejacker, who has finally been able to return to Ontario after a lengthy Covid-restriction-related stay in Australia.)

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Urban protector

Foxy Detective

There's no pretending it goes away
With every step that you take, you pay your dues
And I ain't lying
You got to struggle to see the light
Cause someone's looking to steal your right to choose

Maybe her little sister got hooked on drugs... or her friend got shot.  Maybe she found out her man double-crossed her and was mixed up in some corrupt business.   Or maybe she just got tired of the good people in her neighborhood living in fear of the pimps and pushers.  Whatever it is, she's going to teach criminals a lesson... any way it takes!



The figure is Reaper's "Ebony Foxx, Modern Heroine", a lovely Bob Ridolfi sculpted homage to the "blaxploitation" genre of 70's action films.  As lovely as it is, I think the part of this I'm happiest with is the fire hydrant, which I made from scratch after poring over photos of New York City fire hydrants.

Inspired by, of course, the incomparable
Pam Grier, star of "Foxy Brown" and "Coffy".