Sunday, October 17, 2021

Deaf forever to the battle's din

Scrap Thrall and Necro Captain

Win or lose, naught to choose
All men are equal when their memory fades
No one knows, friend or foes
if Valhalla lies beyond the grave

The undead come in many forms... whether reanimated by sheer will and hatred, arcane necromancy, or the unnatural sciences, they lurch malevolently through the world, formidable foes for the living...


These two figures have been stuck in my lead pile for many years, because I just don't paint many skeletons!  But I wanted something spooky to paint for October, so here they are.  An odd couple, to be sure; I went with thematically matching paint jobs while giving each one a distinctive look.  I'm glad I'd learned the foam smoke technique I used here, I can't imagine the Thrall looking right without it.

The creaking, smoking minion wasn't much help searching the
swamp, but the Necro Captain did rely on it to mindlessly savage
any enemies they might encounter