Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Evil Elephant

Chaugnar Faughn

(sort of) 28mm scale

"Originally from a dimension very different from our own, Chaugnar Faugn travelled to Earth in its far distant past.  Chaugnar Faugn appears as a 'statue' made from an unidentifiable element of a disgusting humanoid hybrid creature which combines the very worst aspects of the octopus, elephant, and human being. His proboscoid trunk sports a horrible lamprey-like mouth at the tip, which Chaugnar uses to drain his prey of their essence. This process also causes the victim to slowly transform into the likeness of The Elephant God himself." - Monster Wiki

This monstrosity is a Cthulhu Wars plastic figure.  It was my first paint job done using underpainting, so I painted the whole thing black, dry brushed it in light gray and white, and then glazed over it with thin colors.  I made the gore stretching from its proboscis to its claws using hot glue.

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Up the Irons! Eddie lives!

Pharaoh Eddie 
Cyborg Eddie


There's a time to live, and a time to die
When it's time to meet the maker
There's a time to live, but isn't it strange
That as soon as you're born, you're dying...

Past and future... He's been an angel, a devil, a mystic, a king and an outlaw.  Eddie is immortal, following humanity through history witnessing our triumphs and our insanity, but unable to change our course no matter what form he takes...


These amazing models are from the Iron Maiden Zombicide box set. In addition to a bunch of game cards to use in a variety of different table top games, it comes with six detailed figures of Eddie in his different guises: Pharaoh, cyborg, Reaper, trooper, samurai and undead.  And there's a whole other box I didn't get, with six more!

"I don't want to die, I'm a god, why can't I live on?"