Sunday, November 26, 2006

Finished... finally

After a long hiatus from posting, or indeed painting much at all:

Imperial Hot Water Heater Repairman
(Adeptus Thermaquaticus)

Well he's finally done (and just in time, a new mini exchange is underway!) I'm pleased with how this guy turned out, even if my output rate was terrible. He's very grungy, corroded and downtrodden, which is exactly how I imagined him.

Mini Exchange 10!

Sent to "toxc" in Germany:

1. Reaper “Anhurian Cavalryman” (regifted...)
2. Morgan Keith Studios' “Tallah the Warmaid”.
3. Mega Miniatures' Vampire and Priest.
4. Eureka Miniatures' “Stargate Warrior" (not shown, now really rare due to licensing issues, namely not being licensed at all!)

Received from "treide" in Arizona:


Jabba the Hutt (late-80's-vintage rare), Boba Fett (also rare) and an old "Aliens" mini of "colonist attacked by facehugger" (again, rare). Also a yummy-looking bottle of jalapeno jelly and postcards from AZ! I think I will start the painting with Fett, he's just too cool.