Friday, August 22, 2014

Hell Divers Squad

Hell Divers
15 mm

Well my squad is finished, with some lovely floral bases as a bonus.  Time for some action shots...

Troopers emerge from rocky cover into a vicious firefight.
Sgt. Barnes prepares to messily dispatch two unwary Chloros.
Another day, another planet: the squad advances past a mysterious alien facility.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hell Divers WIP, and a gift

Hell Divers are fantastic.  Really.  I'm working on another six right now and as good as the sculpts are, I think what I like most is no doubles!  I'm pretty sure that in the three packs I bought (Alpha, Bravo and Omega squads) every figure is a different sculpt, so no bending arms and cutting heads to avoid your squad looking like a chorus line.

Obviously I'm painting these to match my previous four, so lots of Ordic Olive/Okavango Swamp.

Robot Monster (redux)
15 mm

I enjoyed painting this Khurasan figure again, this time as a birthday present for my brother.  Retro-licious!  I have to say I got a lot of use out of these packs...