Monday, May 08, 2023

Fearless Vampire Hunter

Stake-Wielding Friar


The peasants come to his door, telling tales of a fiend risen from the dead to drink blood.  Christian and pagan alike bolt their doors and tremble in the night.  So the friar does the only thing he can do: finds a mallet and sharpens a wooden stake, and ventures forth to destroy the creature, protected only by his faith... and the largest silver cross he can find, hung around his neck.  Finding the vampire's crypt, he impales it through the heart and stuffs a consecrated wafer into its mouth.  "By the body of Christ I send you back to hell, unholy abomination!  Prey upon my flock no more! Domine deus, libera nos a malo!
Amen!"  With a hideous screech, the bloodsucking demon withers and disintegrates into stinking dust...

The Friar is a Midlam Miniatures figure.