Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Character project

Half-Elf Warlock
28 mm

This is a Reaper mini, chosen to be as close as possible to my friend David's Dungeons and Dragons character "Caelón". I thought he might appreciate his alter ego in tiny form :) I'll convert the staff to hold an orb, as per his description.

Barrel Zombie
28 mm

A fun and gruesome mini from Eureka. It's a pickled zombie, escaping from a 40 gallon drum.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Yith Master

80 mm

Well, I think this thing came out looking pretty much the way I wanted it to look - alien but not garish. I considered making the colours a lot darker/grungier, but this pretty much is how HPL described the Yithians, for once something that wasn't shadowy and ichorous.

- - -

In response to javi's comment: the grey parts are just grey, except where they blend into coloured areas. As for the base, I didn't even really want to have one - it's a free-standing creature - but I think it worked out all right, and it'll save me from a bunch of CoolMiniOrNot comments saying "if this had a base I'd like it better" so I made it out of card stock and foamcore. The plain octagonal floor slabs are as described in the original text.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Home for Easter, I found a few things I painted a long time ago. I think these were done around 1990-1992, when I was in high school. They actually don't look too bad to me now, but I think that's probably more an indication of how little I've developed in the intervening time, rather than any precocious show of talent.

What's available to paint has come a long way too... back then the range of characters to choose from tended a lot more towards basic sci-fi and fantasy tropes. There was some unusual stuff, but if it wasn't available at a local store... it wasn't available. No eBay, of course: what a grim and joyless world, I don't know how I survived.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wehrmacht H39 gun
15 mm scale

Just finished one more WW2 mini, another gift from my brother. Very kind of him. This is an assault gun Germany made from a captured French tank. I'm happy to say my results with static grass were much better here than in the past. It looks vaguely like grass.