Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Science fiction triple feature

Dr. Luwazi Elsebo
Zan usu Zan usu Midaxon
Brett  Solaris
28 mm

Well, we had a lot of luck on Venus
We always had a ball on Mars
We're meeting all the groovy people
We've rocked the Milky Way so far
We danced around with Borealis
We're space truckin' round the the stars

I recently finished this fun trio of science fiction figures: very different concepts and designs but I think they'll all fit into my collection nicely.  Dr. Elsebo is a Starfinder figure, an explorer and scholar seeking to discover new things and unravel mysteries of the universe.  The other two... it's less obvious.  I see the non-human Zan usu Zan (Stargrave) as a telekinetic/psionic or Force user, and "Brett" (Ganesha Games) as a neutral-good leaning rogue or freelancer.  Like Han Solo... but with a lightsaber.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Science Fiction Double Feature

Astro Princess Warrior


Must be an alien, swear to god I am
dropped down, from another planet

With her laser jezail, this alien princess warrior is ready to defend her space kingdom from all enemies!

I deliberately went with a highly colorful campy look for this character, because the whole concept is pretty reminiscent of something from Buck Rogers or even "John Carter of Mars".  Or... Astonishing Science Fiction.

Slade, Cyborg Hero

28 mm

Man Machine
Pseudo-human being
Man Machine
Superhuman being

I knew I had to add some color accents to this figure, because otherwise he's extraordinarily similar to the DC comics character Cyborg, from the Teen Titans.  And since orange is the best color... 😄

Both of these are Reaper Bones miniatures, acquired in my very first expedition to the incredible Meeplemart in Toronto.