Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Science Fiction Double Feature

Astro Princess Warrior


Must be an alien, swear to god I am
dropped down, from another planet

With her laser jezail, this alien princess warrior is ready to defend her space kingdom from all enemies!

I deliberately went with a highly colorful campy look for this character, because the whole concept is pretty reminiscent of something from Buck Rogers or even "John Carter of Mars".  Or... Astonishing Science Fiction.

Slade, Cyborg Hero

28 mm

Man Machine
Pseudo-human being
Man Machine
Superhuman being

I knew I had to add some color accents to this figure, because otherwise he's extraordinarily similar to the DC comics character Cyborg, from the Teen Titans.  And since orange is the best color... 😄

Both of these are Reaper Bones miniatures, acquired in my very first expedition to the incredible Meeplemart in Toronto.


  1. Liking these new additions, especially the alien girl - her yellow skin is lovely.

    1. Thanks! I was petty happy with how that turned out specifically. It was tricky to get a good "lemon yellow".

    2. I tend to get "mustard-yellow" just right, but yeah, lemon/brighter yellows are tricky ones for sure. What's next on the painting queue?

    3. I have a few more finished 28mm SF models to post in a bit... but I'm working on a bigger Eldritch horror model from Cthulhu Wars right now.


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