Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Back from the dead...

Narg Freebooter Hero
15 mm

Haven't done much painting lately, but here I am again!  Just finished this neat little guy, a sculpt I originally saw painted up on Spacejacker's blog.  His gun was a bit of a mess so I replaced it with something a bit better: an M-7 Lancer, an energy rifle capable of stopping a rampaging Geth dead in its tracks.  Not, admittedly, my smoothest conversion but it's good enough IMO.

Alien Plantimals
15 mm scale

I made these out of acorn stems I found in Florida.  I thought they'd be perfect for some kind of barnacle/plant-like sessile alien.  The "tongues" are just wire.

"I don't know, those things just freak me out."  "Reeeelax, they suppoooosedly harmless."