Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Cyberpunk Standoff

Cyberpunk Standoff
15 mm

Police and thieves in the street, oh yeah
Fighting the nation with their guns and ammunition

On the neon-lit, corporate-controlled streets of the mega-cities of the future, those with the power make the law, and those with the money have the power.  A B-Secur private police officer faces off with a mysterious hacker... Is he a mere criminal, or a revolutionary?  Is there a difference any more?

I've had these Khurasan figures in my collection for years.  They're really cool (especially the gangers), but they're scaled a bit small to fit in well with my other 15mm figures, and so they've unfortunately languished.  I'll see if I can get them painted up and post them in a bit.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Holy Heavies

Xin Armormonks
15 mm

Armormonks provide heavy backup for the Xin's infantry forces.  Their enhanced armor is impenetrable to hand weapons, and their gunstaffs are both a power-polearm and heavy plasma blaster.  The monks have a reputation as jovial ascetics, but in combat they are deadly and terrifying, with even a small number often routing a determined enemy and turning the tide of battle.

Wow... nice to get back into 15mm sci-fi!  I've taken a real detour lately, even if it was for some amazing models.  I know these guys aren't  my best work, but they turned out all right, and fit in nicely with the previous Xin I've done:

"I suddenly feel much braver!"
The Xin are Ion Age models from Alternative Armies.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Green Heeler

Cattle Dog Ranger
28 mm scale

The last Dungeons and Doggies figure you'll see here, for now anyway.  They're fun, but I do want to get back to the many fun 15mm figures I have.  Plus I have a lot of Bears Head miniatures sitting unpainted... including Narthoks the sci fi Beholder!

"Stand down, marauder!" "Woof!"

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sorcerer Supreme

Dogtor Strange
28mm scale

"Arrogance and fear still keep you from learning the simplest and most significant lesson of all."
"Which is?"
"It's not about you."

Once an ordinary Dachshund, Earth's Sorcerer Supreme now protects humanity from mystical threats and supernatural villains of all kinds.  His Doghouse Sanctorum in Greenwich Village is a place of great power and mysterious artifacts, from which he ventures forth to fight evil on both the material and astral planes...

Dogtor Strange is a Dungeons and Doggies figure: "Morgaine the Dachshund Sorceror".

"By Dormammu's beard, I know I left my kong here somewhere!"

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Bump in the Night

HP Lovecraft, Paranormal Investigator

I opened the door and went out in the gallery toward the stairs to my study, ******-Man following at my heels. Before we had reached the stone steps, however, the cat darted ahead of me and vanished down the ancient flight. As I descended the stairs myself, I became suddenly aware of sounds in the great room below; sounds of a nature which could not be mistaken. The oak-panelled walls were alive with rats, scampering and milling, whilst ******-Man was racing about with the fury of a baffled hunter.  
- "The Rats in the Walls"

Another great Bears Head figure, of the (in)famous horror writer H.P. Lovecraft as an investigator in his own mythos. Accompanying him here is his brave cat of unspeakable name, ready to take on any paranormal threat to his master.

This is actually the second figure of Lovecraft I've painted.  It's perhaps less dramatic than the first, but I think I might actually like it even more.  The face is less gaunt and exaggerated and he has a lot of gaming potential for those who play mythos games.  The cat is an old Reaper familiar which I think really adds a lot to his character (as well as referencing the classic HPL story "The Rats in the Walls").

"He went that way!"
(Cultists courtesy of winnipegmichael!)

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Thick-skinned undead

Zombie Rhinoceros
28mm scale

Animal zombies... a philosophical mystery.  We know human zombies as mindless, bloodthirsty savages, reduced to a single drive: kill the living.  But when other animals are infected, do they become the same species of generically aggressive, flesh-rending creature?  Or is some vestige of their original nature preserved?

This is another Bears Head Miniature, received as a miscast freebie in my last order.

Since somebody asked, the basing is Milliput textured with an Instant Mold stamp of the bumpy privacy glass from our bathroom door :D

The last sight of many an African zombie-hunter...

Monday, May 27, 2019

Nancy's Harbor Cafe

Gnome Barmaid

So come take a drink and drown your sorrows
And all of our fears will be gone till tomorrow
We'll have no regrets and live for the day
In Nancy's Harbour Cafe

Look out, Nancy!  Some drunken wharf rat's made a horrible mess on the floor of her tavern!  She'll have to step carefully until her scullion can clean it up.  But she's seen worse; at least it's not blood and severed limbs... this time.

Nancy is a Bear's Head Miniature.

"All right, who ordered the owlbear stew?  And Korgoth, you're paying for that chair!