Monday, April 12, 2021

Slave to the Power of Death

Tomb of the Screaming Pharaoh
15mm scale

Tell me why I had to be a Powerslave
I don't wanna die, I'm a god
Why can't I live on?


It was said that the pharaoh Ser-Akh-Aten, seeking to escape not only bodily putrefaction but mortal death itself, entered a pact with forces far older and darker than the gods of his people.  He expired, shrieking in an incomprehensible tongue, his body grotesque and contorted, and was hastily mummified and interred under the Elder Sign by his priests, in the hopes his madness would be buried and forgotten.

It was not forgotten, and did not long stay buried...

He knew the Black Pharaoh
Servant to the Faceless Sphinx God
He gave me the book of the dead


These figures were a kind gift from CP Models.  I made the tomb from Fimo (the face) and insulation foam (the wall).

(A bit of a "Zardoz" vibe now that I think of it)

Saturday, March 20, 2021

She sells seashells

Mary Anning and "Tray"


A woman.  Born to a working-class Dorset family in the 19th century.  Without higher education.  Ineligible for membership in the Geological Society of London, due to her sex.  

But by age 12 Mary Anning had unearthed her first ichthyosaur, and by 24, a complete plesiosaur.  She discovered countless other fossils including England's first pterosaur, Dimorphodon.  And she impressed the hell out of most of the major paleontologists of her day, who visited her regularly and sought her fossil-hunting expertise.  She was just that good.

That said, she always struggled financially and like most people of her time, had to work very hard to support a quite modest living.  And while many prominent scientists of her time lauded her and considered her a friend, others had no qualms about leaving her name off the manuscripts they wrote about her fossil finds.  Still, her impact on the fledgling science of paleontology was striking, both in her time and ours.

This fantastic set, clearly based on a well-known painting of Anning and her beloved spaniel Tray, is a recent release from Antediluvian Miniatures.


“Her history shows what humble people may do, if they have just purpose and courage enough, toward promoting the cause of science. The inscription under her memorial window commemorates “her usefulness in furthering the science of geology” (it was not a science when she began to discover, and so helped to make it one), “and also her benevolence of heart and integrity of life.” The carpenter’s daughter has won a name for herself, and has deserved to win it.” - Charles Dickens, 1865

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Emissary of Carnage


While GORT model automatons travel the universe promoting peace and understanding, TROG seeks only to visit planet after planet, spreading death, fire, and destruction.

TROG is a slightly modified Alternative Armies figure.  His spaceship is made of foamcore board, coated with Modpodge and dirt, with an LED inside.


Thankfully, GORT arrives in time to save (some of) the planet...

Monday, March 01, 2021

Remember the Pigs

The Terraformers' Memorial
15mm scale

"The company put that statue up, you know.  Paragon Exoplanetary, the ones who had this world terraformed.  It's dangerous business, terraforming; hard to get workers willing to travel light-years just to scrape by on a toxic planet for decades.  They came up with the idea of making workers.  Genetically engineered pigs, with enhanced intelligence and opposable thumbs!   Picture that, eh?  Pigs, man!  Anyway, the pigs did the terraforming, god knows what they told them would happen after.  But just as this place became inhabitable... boom!  A mysterious disease.  They all died within weeks, just before they would have gained full First Settlers' rights here!  Way too convenient, if you ask me.  And then they built a god damn memorial to their 'selfless sacrifice'..."


These pigs were a Kinder Surprise toy that floated through the house for a while before I came up with the germ of this idea.  Then yesterday I felt the need for a quick, easy project so I finally did it!  Those poor pigs... never trust the company.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Metal Gods

The Void Marauders

Long ago
we watched the videos
on Headbangers Ball
that's where we learned it all

Wearing Spandex pants
six-string lasers in their hands
synchronized guitars
they laid out the master plan...

The heavy metal life isn't an easy one... long hours traveling, practicing, tuning instruments, worshiping the dark gods of your choice.  But when you get out on the stage and thousands (or for less successful bands, dozens) of screaming fans are "throwing the horns", it's all worth it...

These metal legends are from the "Entertainers" set from Alternative Armies (which I also used for "Dazzler").  I now feel like I should have done something more with the bases, but I just don't know what...

No drummer, no problem.  Rock on!

(The Void Marauders are named in honour of my longtime online acquaintance Spacejacker, who has finally been able to return to Ontario after a lengthy Covid-restriction-related stay in Australia.)

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Urban protector

Foxy Detective

There's no pretending it goes away
With every step that you take, you pay your dues
And I ain't lying
You got to struggle to see the light
Cause someone's looking to steal your right to choose

Maybe her little sister got hooked on drugs... or her friend got shot.  Maybe she found out her man double-crossed her and was mixed up in some corrupt business.   Or maybe she just got tired of the good people in her neighborhood living in fear of the pimps and pushers.  Whatever it is, she's going to teach criminals a lesson... any way it takes!



The figure is Reaper's "Ebony Foxx, Modern Heroine", a lovely Bob Ridolfi sculpted homage to the "blaxploitation" genre of 70's action films.  As lovely as it is, I think the part of this I'm happiest with is the fire hydrant, which I made from scratch after poring over photos of New York City fire hydrants.

Inspired by, of course, the incomparable
Pam Grier, star of "Foxy Brown" and "Coffy".

Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Indy, Ragdoll Bard
28 mm scale

Tomorrow will take us away
Far from home
No one will ever know our names
But the bards' songs will remain

A bard's coin and living rest on their reputation, and Indy's songs and sagas are certainly well-reknowned.  His passage through town always leaves behind happy, entertained folk purring a new song or two... and the occasional unexpected litter of kittens...

This Cats & Catacombs figure is actually the first bard I've ever painted.  As lovely as it is on its own, I felt like it deserved a well-done pastoral base, to suit a bard's itinerant, poetic nature.  I used bark for the rock, and these are my first sculpted mushrooms, which I think turned out okay.  The figure is posed pretty statically, but makes up for it with a poised, handsome character that suits a notoriously charismatic profession.

Come, for the dusk is our own; let us fare forth together,
With a quiet delight in our hearts for the ripe, still, autumn weather,
Through the rustling valley and wood and over the crisping meadow,
Under a high-sprung sky, winnowed of mist and shadow.