Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Return of Javi

Good news, everyone! 

The sculptor and painter I once titled my "Most Loyal Reader" has returned!  After a lengthy (I feared permanent) hiatus, Javi, proprietor of Lazy Minis, has started posting again, with two vibrant and creative offerings in his own inimitable style!  Check out his blog, it's a lot of fun :)

Definitely a style apart from mine... but he's got talent, and a real sense of humour!  Javi, don't ever stop :D

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

A bloodsucker born every minute

Cyberpunk Vampire
28 mm

Before the morning can break we retire
The searing heat of the sun we avoid
Await the dark, proud Walachian fighters
Armata strigoi

I have absolutely no idea where this amazing figure is from; I found it in a bitz bin at Nexus Games in Kingston ON a few years ago.  It's cast in delicate light blue resin with a fair amount of flash, so I don't think it was from a board game:

Anyway I was very excited to finally paint it, and it didn't disappoint!  What a cool character.  He's got a mix of high-tech and medieval style armor, and he's wearing an IV that constantly feeds him blood for that all-night vampire fix...

"You must be new in town!  No wonder you haven't met Mr. Pointy..."

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

A sucker born every minute

"Kraken" game piece
no scale

I'm happy to say I finished the "Abyss" Kraken game piece in record time!  It helps that it's only three colours, all based on the same blue shade to tie it together... but still.  That's a lot of suckers!  I wanted a murky but richly-colored deep-sea look so I tried to avoid my usual near-white highlights here.  It's a bit shiny; I gave it a durable (I hope) satin clear coat to keep it looking good for many plays.  Fun, and a bit different :)