Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Rhino Boys

Rhox Gangster

28mm scale

"Can I go in?"
"Are you on the list?"
"Not... technically."
"If you're not on the list, then you can't go in. Now, shove off!"

This rhino man puts his muscle to work as a gangsters' thug, guarding, fighting, or intimidating as the need arises...

Rhox lawyer

28mm scale

Single rhino lawyer
Filing an objection
Up at night and reading law
For his clients' protection

Single rhino lawyer
Working pro bono cases
Got some brand new evidence
So back to court he races!

(w. apologies to Futurama)

... While his law-abiding brother argues in court.  His clients may be guilty, innocent, or something in between, but either way he'll make sure they receive the toughest defense he can muster.

This pair of thick-headed fantasy figures are a set from Magic the Gathering.

Wednesday, August 09, 2023

Champion of Rot

Smegatron the Pallid

28mm scale

Once his armor was gleaming and white, now a mass of scraping rust and foul suppurations. On the battlefield he swings a deadly flail, its spiked heads spewing contagious vapors even as they crush his enemies. One chain has snapped, but a helpful Nurgling has leapt up to take its place...

I popped into my local game store a while back and there was, by Father Nurgle's poxy benevolent hand, a single Series 3 Space Marine Heroes box left there.  So I bought it.  GW blind-boxing these is cynical bullsh*t, but I will not lie, the model is a good one.  It avoids most of the problems with plastic sprue figures, and its icky, Nurgley design is uncompromising.  I love it!

"Scabboth".  I chose the other head option and it's definitely better.