Saturday, October 22, 2005

Marion's Mermaid

Well, this is my "secret project"! It was a birthday gift for my friend Marion, some time ago she told me that if I ever painted her a mini, she would like a blue mermaid. I'm happy to say she liked it!

35 mm

The "water" is gloss acrylic medium tinted with paints and sculpted with a brush. Thanks to Maya in Alabama who kindly sent me this mini!

At Marion's party, some of us painted canvases for her as well. This is my effort, titled "Mark Gothko":

Yes, it's a deliberate homage to the abstract painter Mark Rothko. I had a lot of fun painting this way, in a social setting and with wine involved. People should do this more often!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

"It's a trap!"

Well, my secret project is done... soon it will be revealed. In the meantime I've just started a new mini:

Admiral Ackbar
25 mm

He's pretty simple so I'll be able to get him done quickly and keep my momentum up.

(This one's dedicated to my homies at the forums, who posted this image so often it became an irritating cliche, surpassed only by the kitten in volume of usage)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

New! Shiny!

Here's a little vignette I just finished. It's called "The Painter Stripped Bare Before His Critics" - I put it together as a sort of comment on the pressures of trying to paint to a consistently high technical standard.

Yes, exposure to the very best work that people have to offer can paralyze as well as motivate me... I really try to paint for pleasure and not to impress others, but inevitably I find myself frustrated by the staggering amount of effort that goes into improving my style. This does not come naturally to me :(

Saturday, October 08, 2005

The shame!

I haven't updated in... 38 days. But then, I haven't really painted anything either. Of course that didn't stop me from BUYING some more minis... in this case some 1980's vintage figures off eBay:

Chaos champion and mummy

Knight, sci-fi mercenary, space dwarf, and two "Techmarines" (with pistols raised)