Saturday, October 22, 2005

Marion's Mermaid

Well, this is my "secret project"! It was a birthday gift for my friend Marion, some time ago she told me that if I ever painted her a mini, she would like a blue mermaid. I'm happy to say she liked it!

35 mm

The "water" is gloss acrylic medium tinted with paints and sculpted with a brush. Thanks to Maya in Alabama who kindly sent me this mini!

At Marion's party, some of us painted canvases for her as well. This is my effort, titled "Mark Gothko":

Yes, it's a deliberate homage to the abstract painter Mark Rothko. I had a lot of fun painting this way, in a social setting and with wine involved. People should do this more often!


  1. I must admit, i definately do not "get" abstract art. I do not envision the complexity, imagination nor experience of viewing and/or creating one. A complete mystery to moi. However, it is a neat painting Allison (even if i do not understand you or mark rothko!), and your miniature rules!

  2. you got nice greys going on that mermaid. how did you do the water?

    on the abstract art... i wonder if mark rothko spent his childhood staring thru windows... :D


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