Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hack and Slash

Cyberpunk Elf Street Warrior
25 mm

Nothing says "dark future of the 80's" like ripped jean shorts, a mohawk and a katana ;) I received this figure for Mini Exchange #25; I think it's a "Shadowrun" mini by Grenadier but I'm not certain, since Stuff of Legends' SR gallery is very incomplete.

informs me "This mini is from mark copplestone's future warriors and it was labeled as future warriors killer bimbo's, all 5 minis under the same reference 7901 (page 100)." Thanks!

Pretty cool anyway, in a retro way. Edit #2: I'm not sure where I got "elf" from, since she doesn't have pointy ears. Perhaps from her slight physique.

The base is a resin industrial-type thingy I received a few exchanges ago. So this is a two-fer, if you will.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grr Argh!

HeroQuest Zombie
25 mm

Well he's done, nothing special but I'm reasonably happy with how he turned out. Once again, GW Snakebite Leather looks rich and wonderful when it's basecoated and washed with a dark brown, but looks dull and lame once you start highlighting... Clearly a colour meant for "dippers" :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Review: Black Tree Design Doctor Who figures

L->R: Fourth Doctor, Robot of Death, Fifth Doctor, Cyberman, Dalek.

So I just received these fantastic minis from Black Tree Design. I was kind of amazed that a fairly minor company would have such a prominent license, and in fact surprised that these were even still being made. But "Doctor Who" is the longest-running sci-fi franchise in TV history, beloved by many.

First of all, I was expecting these to be OLD sculpts, from the 80's or so. Fairly small, a bit odd-looking. But they're definitely not. At 30mm, these should mesh nicely with most modern ranges (see below). Really nice detail and proportions, not to mention pretty decent likenesses of Doctors #4 & 5.

The other thing is... the line is HUGE. The first EIGHT Doctors and all their major foes and Companions, all in miniature form. Wow.

The downside is... you have to be patient. It took a few weeks just for my order to ship, and a few more for it to get here. Kind of anomalous these days, but I'm guessing Black Tree is really just a few people. Still, it could be a frustrating if you need gaming miniatures in a hurry.

EDIT: A search of The Miniatures Page forums will reveal a number of threads of this nature, which is very unfortunate. I might order from them again simply because DOCTOR WHO, but I'd email ahead to confirm they have the stock in hand before making any payment (with credit card not Paypal).

Monday, March 07, 2011

Für das Vaterland!

Gepanzerte Truppen
15 mm

Some Eureka sci-fi WW2 Germans, first posted here back in 2009, sans bases. I figured that since I just ordered a set of Khurasan's "Control Battalion Infantry Riflethings", I should finish these guys up and get them off my work table. Great little sculpts; they really have the feeling of being the menacing elite soldiers of an evil war machine, even at this tiny scale.

The Riflethings will probably end up as some kind of WW2-era strangeness as well. I'm just not sure what. I ordered a sci-fi walker as well, so maybe I'll do the lot as Allied gear, since the Germans usually seem to have the Weird War advantage.

Sunday, March 06, 2011


So it looks like my Miniature Exchange recipient bsop (a.k.a. Ben Sopczyk, of Glens Falls NY) has decided to screw us :( I say "us" because not only did he not send anything on to the next guy, thus ripping him off, but now I really should send something so that guy has something to paint. I don't mind doing that at all, but I shouldn't need to. This all leaves a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth, but ultimately, who cares? I just don't want someone else to have a bad experience from this :)

So, sent to Bret ("Ritus") in Utah:

Reaper Dwarf Cleric
Possessed Trooper
WH40K Kroot
HeroQuest orc and skeleton (heh)