Sunday, April 23, 2023

Oldhammer deep dives

Ogron Foulbreath


I could not tell what or who was behind the giant helm: man, orc, ogre, or fell thing; alive or undead...  but every warrior's instinct told me to fall back, that to fight it head-on would only be madness and death.

This is "Ogron Foulbreath, orc champion" from Citadel's 1983 catalogue.  A battered old lead figure I got in a trade years ago; I always wondered where it was from.  I always thought his crested helmet and shield designs were really cool.  IMO he makes a better Chaos warrior than an orc.

Salamanders Techmarine


Yours is to heed the machine as others heed their kin. Tend to the war spirits all about, but do so in the knowledge that you do the Emperor’s duty. Without your ministrations, no bolt may be fired, and no enemy slain.

Another old Citadel/GW figure, though not quite as vintage!  This Techmarine was one of a group of (in my opinion) really great sculpts that appeared in the 1988+ catalogues.  They're simpler and have more character than the overdone modern ones.  I have a couple more of these squirreled away from when I could afford to splurge on eBay:

I painted this in Salamanders colours, with Adeptus Mechanicus red on only part of the armour.  The fluff says that Techmarines are sometimes viewed with suspicion by other Marines due to their divided loyalties.  I wanted this one to be trying to acknowledge this while reassuring his brothers he was a Salamander first and foremost.

Tuesday, April 04, 2023

The Alien With No Name

Kisathi Gunslinger


"If you're gonna shoot, shoot. Don't talk."


A dusty town... who is this blue-skinned humanoid facing down a notorious bandit, his gun hands twitching?  Nobody knows him... is he a grim heroic figure protecting the innocent from cruelty?  Or just another bounty hunter mercilessly taking down his target?

I recently entered this figure in a painting contest at my local game store, The Dragon.  It didn't win, but I did have a lot of fun conceptualizing the character of an alien spaghetti Western gunfighter and capturing the look I wanted.

His poncho is a piece of "Kimwipes" brand lint-free tissue soaked in PVA glue and paint, and carefully draped over the already-basecoated and shaded figure.  I had to paint over it one it was dry, but pre-tinting it saved a lot of work.  In the end, I think I created a nicely Clint Eastwood "Blondie"-like character...