Friday, November 03, 2023


I had fun painting up a few Halloween themed minis this year!  I kept them fun and quick, and I think they turned out pretty well!  All of these are from my stash of old minis, and several had made it as far as being cleaned up and glued to a base before my attention... wandered.

Skeleton and Wolfman

A bone-chilling pair!  The classic Wolfman is a Reaper figure, the gangly skeleton is Confrontation.


This one is an old Wizkids HeroClix miniature of Batman's beastly counterpart "Man-Bat".

And this Orctober Orc soldier, which is a very deep dive into the lead pile indeed...

Who knows where this guy is from, though a good guess might be pre-slotta Citadel...  I love his hangdog attitude and crude appearance, he's really the most expendable tier of greenskin grunts.