Thursday, January 25, 2007

"The Empire will compensate you if he dies."

Boba Fett
25 mm

"You like to hurt folk."
"Part of the job."
"That's why you TOOK the job."

- River Tam and bounty hunter Jubal Early, "Firefly"

Well, he's done. I think he looks fantastic too, the saturated colours give him a comic book vividness which doesn't really match his appearance in the films, but works well on this scale. The figure is kind of small (for a miniature, even) so this helps to make the details more distinct as well.

Again, thanks to treide for this great figure.

Gift for my Pop

"Buger thyss, I'm goinge home"
28 mm

This is a belated birthday gift for my father. I imagine this fellow being a warrior who has just decided that he doesn't want to fight on the battlefield anymore, and is heading back to his family instead. It's a crisp, characterful sculpt, available from Discount Hobby for a whopping $1. Dad always taught me to be frugal :)

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Amid the post-holiday work blitz, I'm getting a bit of painting done... I like how the high-contrast look is turning out on Boba here.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

For England!

Universal Carrier
35 mm long

Just another WW2 mini, Allied this time. Not an amazing paint job, I'll admit. Though this is meant to be a British or Canadian vehicle, the "American" white star was a common Allied air-recognition marking, used to reduce friendly* aircraft attacks on ground vehicles. The cartoon is presumably from a training manual, this was NOT a "tank" by any means and using it as such probably got a few soldiers killed.

* military saying: "friendly fire... isn't"