Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Barbarian Guardian of Eternia

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
28 mm

I'm the master of the world I have no fear of man or beast
Born inside the soul of the world
Riding hard breaking bone with steel and stone
Eternal might I was born to wield.

He-Man! Eternia's greatest hero! Is he a wandering tribesman who was imbued with the power of Castle Greyskull, or is he a noble prince who assumes a secret identity to defend his kingdom?  Only his most trusted companions know for sure...

"Go Herc! Go Herc!"
"Wrong cartoon, buddy, but I appreciate the vote of confidence!"

He-Man is a Quest Miniatures figure.  His base is a custom addition I made, inspired by collectible statuettes like this. I felt that, like Skeletor, his hunched pose needed a height boost so he wasn't crouching below the other characters. I think the result is suitably heroic!

I think this is easily the most ambitious 28mm painting project I've ever undertaken: a group of figures all painted to the highest standard I could manage.  It's been a real challenge, and a satisfying one to finally complete. And definitely a nostalgia trip...

Saturday, February 08, 2020

Scruffy sleuth

Harry Salami, PI
15 mm

End of the Road
A Harry Salami Mystery
By Burt Hardcastle
Harry Salami's back, in a gripping new mystery from the author of  the bestselling "Cat's Game".  A millionaire land tycoon's wife has gone missing, and though the police have dropped the case, her sister believes she's no runaway bride.  It's up to Harry to find the truth, in a town where truth is scarcer than a stiff drink. Can he survive a web of intrigue that leads... all the way to the top?

"Harry Salami" is a name my kids came up with once, which I spun into a rambling mystery tale told on a dull car trip. Naturally I made him a noir detective, complete with jaded monologue and dubious business practices.  They still don't know why the name is so funny... :)

Harry is a lightly-converted Khurasan figure.

At an old factory outside of town, Harry hears a faint voice: "Is.. someone there? Help!"