Friday, February 27, 2015

Seagoing Scalawags

Bennet's Buccaneers
15 mm

My pirate crew got a bit derailed by Real Life as well as the fun hovercraft in my previous post, but I'm trying to get them finished here.  These are fun little figures with lots of character, but since they're individuals they do take a fair bit more work to paint than a uniform "squad" of soldiers.  Anyway there are four more to finish and hopefully I'll get those posted soon too... because I just ordered some brand spanking new Ion Age stuff that I'd love to paint up!  The eternal struggle...

Speaking of the Ion Age, I've slowly been working on these Geo Shelters for a while.

So far they're just base coated and washed, but I like the look already, kind of grimy and industrial. They're kind of small for a factory installation etc., but would make good colony lab or workshop buildings, or a small military camp.  I have to say that, as with the Corbal Hardpoint, the airbrush was really helpful for laying down a nice even base colour on these, though I haven't even a novice's grasp of its more elaborate uses.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Amphibious Attack

Amphibious Assault Hovercraft
15 mm scale

I was a bit stalled on my pirates, and my sci-fi roots must have been showing, because I whipped this off in less than a week which is pretty speedy for me.  The hover is of course an Ion Age "Adder Combat Lifter" missile pod variant I've had kicking around for a while.  A nice model; it has its own style but you could use it for a lot of different factions without it looking out of place.

The riders are Clear Horizons' Hell Divers, which were the only seated figures I had, but turned out looking perfect.  I painted them to look very "Star Wars clone trooper", without actually intending to.  I just wanted to distinguish them from my other squad and not be green.  I picture this vehicle doing high-speed shore assaults, rapidly disembarking a team of infantry and then falling back to support them with missile strikes.