Saturday, May 27, 2017

Crate Draggin'

Container Transport
Scale unknown

I don't normally paint spaceship minis, but Ground Zero Games has a pretty nice selection of civilian ship models, so on a whim I picked up a few in my latest order.   I'm not sure what scale this model is supposed to be: if the containers are standard modern sea-container size it could be around 1:700, but that would make the ship pretty small.  I would assume at least 2-3x that.

I decided this cargo hauler looked like a suitable ride for a couple of scruffy-looking characters I'd already painted, with a bit of influence from the amazing 1996 film "Space Truckers" thrown in for good measure.  Maybe one of those containers has square pigs in it!

One of the better effects in the movie, which TBH isn't saying much.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Space Bunny arrivals!

I just got a pretty exciting package in the mail... two crisp resin figures from Space Bunny Arts

I'd been following the slow birth of this new studio for a while and really wanted to support Peter's venture, not to mention get my hands on a couple of his sci-fi figures, suitable for use in whatever space conflict game one might be into :)  These two, "Sola Haru" and "Jehn Kibo" should paint up nicely as "Rule 63" versions of a couple of favourite characters I have painted before.  He's got a few other sculpts as well, they all look great and honestly, only budgetary constraints prevented me from buying the whole set...

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Protoplasmic Terror

no scale

Formless protoplasm able to mock and reflect all forms and organs and processes - viscous agglutinations of bubbling cells - rubbery fifteen-foot spheroids infinitely plastic and ductile - slaves of suggestion, builders of cities - more and more sullen, more and more intelligent, more and more amphibious, more and more imitative! Great God! What madness made even those blasphemous Old Ones willing to use and carve such things? - "At the Mountains of Madness" by H.P. Lovecraft

This Reaper Bones miniature is a weird and convoluted sculpt that captures the amorphous spirit of the powerful bioengineered creatures that Lovecraft wisely described in vague terms.  I've seen various interpretations, but this one definitely fits the bill.  It is small for 28 mm but perhaps it's an immature specimen, and consequently the Bones figure is "priced to sell", as they say.  A quick, fun paint job!

"Don't worry Leela, they're quite harmless if you know how to talk to
them... Would you like a jelly baby, teke-li-li?"