Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Waterside weirdo

Cultist of the Octopus God
15 mm

God knows what the acolytes of the Tentacled One are up to down by the pier; it can't be anything but horrific.  Perhaps a shipment of ghastly idols and arcana, or doomed sacrificial victims being brought in from wherever they were kidnapped.  This guard is ready to skewer any interlopers with his sacred trident and send their remains to sleep with the Deep Ones.

A companion piece to these cuddly fellows.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Gun Crazy

Wasteland Gunslinger
15 mm

OK, after some delay, my last Khurasan post-apocalyptic figure!  This mysterious fellow with a big belt buckle and two pistols seems to be "all cowboy, no hat".  I guess thematic headgear is one more thing that's in short supply in the bleak, radioactive future.

And, the long-delayed group shot.  A pretty dangerous bunch...

Wharfside Cultist
15 mm 

Another little thing I've just started.  What's this sinister fellow doing down at the docks?  Some nefarious work to advance the return of the Old Ones, no doubt.

Removing his attached base was a fussy job with the rotary tool, but I wanted this to look a little different from the two I painted earlier.  The floating barrel is an Instant Mold cast of a Khurasan steel drum, not because I'm cheap but because sawing a metal one in half was surprisingly difficult.