Friday, February 25, 2022

A nose for history

Quintorius Kand, field historian

28mm scale

They say an elephant never forgets.  But Quintorius can never seem to recall where his copy of Bulrush's "Lore of the Known Realms" is.  Thankfully, he always has a backup, "Verified Explorations and Accounts" by Ning...


This figure is actually a character from "Magic: The Gathering", appearing on a number of cards.  I didn't even know there was an MTG miniature line until I found this guy hiding among the Nolzur's figures at my local store.  Anyway I really like this unarmed, non-aggressive figure; according to the fluff Quintorius is a mage-scholar who explores ancient ruins to discover the history of his people, the Loxodons.

"The long-lost Temple of Contemplation... where to start?"

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

In the Barbie World

Barbie's Dream Post-Apocalyptic Gun Truck
15mm scale

The Dream House... Barbie's eyes grew distant as she re-counted their remaining bullets. It felt like a thousand years ago. So many windows, they couldn't hold it... and then Skipper, oh god! The flames as they ran... She slammed the crate shut. "Move it, Ken! Get that gear on board. We can't stay here, it'll be dark in twenty minutes!"

The Hot Wheels Barbie Dream Camper was an obvious choice for a post-apocalyptic Gaslands-style conversion job!  Because of HW's variable sizing, the end result is actually very close to 15mm scale, so it makes the perfect ride for those post-apocalyptic survivors hunting zombies/fascists/mutants in the grim future.

Total working time was about an hour, and I didn't even repaint the main body.  It's just coated with matte varnish and then dirtied up with Agrax Earthshade and a bit of brown paint.  Gotta keep that candy pink and Barbie branding!

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Dear Murderbot Diary

Freelance Murderbots

So, I’m awkward with actual humans. It’s not paranoia about my hacked governor module, and it’s not them; it’s me. I know I’m a horrifying murderbot, and they know it, and it makes both of us nervous, which makes me even more nervous. - "All Systems Red" by Martha Wells


 Designed as tough, obedient cybernetic fighters, a few SecUnit AI's were able to circumvent their own programming and become truly autonomous beings.  Some of these came to eschew violence altogether, preferring to live as civilians and binge-watch episodes of Sanctuary Moon.  But others chose to earn a living in the way they were still best-equipped to - as guards, mercenaries, and bounty hunters.

These stylish miniatures are Stargrave "Old Rogues: the Robots" from North Star Military Figures.