Monday, February 21, 2011

Guard Dog

CSD Mk1 Security Robot
28 mm scale

SLR? More like SL ARGH! When is flash ever helpful for macro shooting? When?

So, although it's not my best painting, and definitely not my best photography, I entered this mini in the WAMPED! contest over at the increasingly-popular Wargames And Miniatures Paradise. I feel I should represent, even if it isn't with anything outstanding.

Good points, IMO: the pale blue bot base colour, exactly what I was trying for. Also the display base he's sitting on turned out Star Trek-style clean, which matches the bot, rather than Firefly-grimy. Not-so-good: some fairly impatient blending on the bot, especially in the difficult areas of the legs where the casting wasn't so hot. Also, that nice, clean base lacks detail, and therefore visual interest (a few gubbins from the 1:300 Soviet navy sprue don't help much).

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Papercraft basing

Well my security bot is almost done, so I was thinking it needs a base. It has too wide a stance for most regular plastic bases, so I figured maybe I could build something a little more interesting.

I put this together in about an hour... aside from the little grey gubbins and bit of screen, it's all paper. Largely some 5x5 cm pieces of foamcore board, and card stock. Hopefully it'll look as good as plasticard construction once it's painted.

I suppose the idea here could be that the door is jammed open and the bot is preventing anyone from entering. Or leaving... I really just built it halfway open because it looks a bit more interesting.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Slow going...

Well, my wife is away for a whole month, to improve her French among the Quebecois. Logically this means I should get loads of painting done including a lovely WAMPED! entry, n'est ce pas?
Reality = apathy, and no contest entry even selected :P

This is not shaping up to be one of my better paint jobs. It's kind of a frustrating mini, the overall design aesthetic is "sleek 'n' advanced" but the casting is a little "seamy 'n' pitted". I do like how the top surface looks... so far. But I'm glad I put a few extra protrusions on it to break it up a bit.

(also, right now I'm stuck taking photos with my wife's $700 camera instead of my $99 one, god I miss it. I can't get the damn SLR to stop flashing!)

Oh... and a nifty arrival from eBay: