Friday, December 31, 2021

Herd Warriors

Horgosi Prime and Neek warriors
15mm scale

Honour-seeking warriors of an alien empire, the Horgosi Prime and its squad of diminutive but fierce Neeks are formidable opponents...

Figures are from Loud Ninja Games via Alternative Armies.

Monday, December 27, 2021

Clapping Alien Cheeks

Area 51 Raid

Possibly I've seen too much
Hangar 18, I know too much

Remember 2019?  I barely do.  But something strange happened back then, back when we still had a measurable metric for "strange".  A bunch of nerds jokingly decided to raid a top secret US military installation and discover the aliens hidden there.

Yeah.  You remember now.  A critical component of the raid was the Naruto Run, intended to allow people whose exercise mainly consisted of playing "Sonic the Hedgehog" to outrun bullets:

Alien cheeks, here I come!

The Air Force were fully briefed.

It must have worked, because nobody got shot.

The figure is a Khurasan zombie whose pose I suddenly recognized a while ago.

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Undead Bosses

Lich and Mummy Lord

Carving your way through the horde of inept, shambling skeletons and zombies, you sense a greater malevolence at work.  Not a human necromancer, but a supremely evil intelligence, itself risen from beyond the grave...

These two sinister figures are actually a set from WizKids Deep Cuts.  Although rather an odd figure, the mummy was fun and easy to paint.. and I like the translucent cloud that attaches to its base to give it a bit of a dramatic appearance.

The Lich's pose and the rising figure at the base appealed to me, but I felt that the sculpt's tidy robes didn't suit the character. So I draped it with PVA-soaked tissues and scraps of cheesecloth to produce a grungy and decayed appearance suggesting a long interment in the earth..

FYI I'm still playing catch-up with blog posts, but in the next few weeks I hope to have presented everything I painted this year...