Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jungle floor bases

So I've had a few requests in the comments here to explain how I made the forest floor bases on my Huntarr.  Pictures = 1000's of words etc.,so I've put together a quick demo.

Most of the materials I use: oregano flakes, a stick, paints, white glue and clear coat.  I'm using a 25mm base for visibility.

Some cut-up pieces of stick become broken saplings and logs on the ground (I forgot to take a pic of this step).  For 15mm scale you don't need to cut these very carefully.  Glue them down with epoxy or white glue... crazy glue will just soak into the wood.

The basic cover of oregano is laid down by sprinkling over white glue.  This will generally need to be touched up by adding single flakes to fill the gaps.  Then, a tool is used to squish the flakes down and compact the surface.

The leaf litter is liberally soaked with a mixture of acrylic matte varnish, brown, green and black paint.  This will darken it and help to physically consolidate it.

The litter is drybrushed with lighter greens and browns, all mixed with a light tan to desaturate them.  The logs are just drybrushed with bleached bone.

This should all give you a passable jungle floor for 15mm, or even larger scales if you are a bit fussier with how it looks.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Huntarr - finished!

Huntarr Aliens
15 mm scale

It's been a challenging couple of weeks in parenthood, but I managed to squeeze in a few minutes here and there to finish these mean boys off.

The figures themselves: Honestly not my most careful paint jobs ever, but I like em!  They have the "feel" I was going for, and as a bonus I managed to not break the one guy's spear.  I swear I thought it would never survive...  The chieftain's cloak is supposed to be some sort of scaly reptilian hide, I'm not sure if it's from a BIG animal, or a bunch of Garn skins sewn together ;D

Basing:  I'm still not sure about the green plants, but I think the forest floor effect turned out really well. It's not out-of-scale either which is good, because I've used this method for 28mm minis as well.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Dragon's Treasure

Guelph's very own FLGS and comic book emporium The Dragon has won the prestigious Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award!  Amazing!  I'm certainly not their most frequent customer but it really is a great place - welcoming, bright, extremely well-stocked, great staff, and no lingering smell of unwashed neckbeard or angry teenage Magic fanatic.  Really, everything a comic book store should be.