Friday, October 18, 2019

Enter the Beholder-verse

Narthoks the Terrible
28mm scale

Burning cities
And napalm skies
Fifteen flares inside those ocean eyes

An arch-villain, an overlord, a mercenary, a destroyer, a monster... Narthoks is all of these things.  Floating through space takes on new meaning when the floater is a 2m-wide highly intelligent creature with a taste for carnage, pillage, and devouring sapient flesh.  Heavily armed and utterly ruthless, Narthoks bears the scars of past battles but only becomes more dangerous with each bloody encounter.

Narthoks is a Bears Head miniature... in my opinion the most spectacular character Phillip has created so far!  I made a few conversions: swapping his club for a vintage chainsword, replacing his round grenade, and adding a claw to his tech-tentacle.

"Going somewhere, human?"


  1. Oh my god! This is totally awesome, the last pic looks like a screen shot from Might and Magic III.

  2. I've been looking forward sculpting this character for ages, it's none other than the BEHOLSTER from the Enter the Gungeon videogame.

    Sadly I'm so biased, anything not red looks more on the alien side instead of the dnd.

    Almost like The Simpsons one eyed martians.

    Concerning to the paintjob itself, those directional brush strokes on the highlights make him look rubbery, which is kinda cool.

    1. TBH, not sure why I picked purple. Maybe I just wanted something purple in my display cabinet XD Glad you like it! It does give him an alien look, but he's unquestionably a sci-fi character, right? (It's election day here, so The Simpsons' "Kang and Kodos" have definitely been on my mind...)

      Glad you think he looks "rubbery". That's high praise! But the sculptor deserves much of the credit :D

  3. Outstanding model and evenly amazing brushwork! I like how you made him look quite high tech with the chain sword and such.

  4. You know what ... it's just my own lack of imagination but I had never viewed the beholder in a sci-fi setting ... brilliant work here!

  5. Great job painting and converting here! I love his cyber eye as a fun detail.

  6. It's so cool! How could I miss that?!? 😳

    Painting is superb, but placing space station backdrop - brill idea!

    1. Thanks! I thought it gave him a bit of atmosphere (or lack thereof)!


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