Friday, October 04, 2019

Glamorous Guardian

28 mm

Warrior girl only goes to where she wants to
Warrior girl maybe has a heavy sword
Warrior girl has no idea where she jumps to
But she jumps to where she wants to
And she's never, ever bored

The brave and loyal but sometimes headstrong Teela is the Captain of the Eternian Royal Guard.  The adopted daughter of Duncan, the Man-At-Arms, she is in fact the secret child of Teela-Na, the Sorceress of Castle Greyskull.

This Quest Miniatures figure really captures the cheesy 1980's-ness of the character, charging into battle in her up-do, white swimsuit and high heels.  As one does.  The shield that came with her was quite large, which I remedied by making a copy using Instant Mold and replicating only the central boss with greenstuff, to give her a buckler more suitable for a lightly-armored warrior.

"Bring Your Daughter to Work Day"
"Uh... I'm sure that cat wasn't anybody's pet."


  1. Lovely work, great looking project!
    Best Iain

  2. Cool! I love what you are doing with these!

    1. Thanks! The sculpts are a lot of fun to paint - I'm really working my layering/blending muscles here! Of course they're also a real retro thrill to work on.

      I might take a break to do a few other things at some point... just as a palate cleanser, and because EVERY project I have on deck is a good one :D

    2. (...) "because EVERY project I have (...)

      LOL :D

      Funny that lately we were discussing about NMM and bending goodness and then you came with that blade.

      Insert Lonely Island's 'jizz in my pants' here.

      I need to sculpt something bigger to try that out, you got me intrigued, sir.

      The golden NMM are pretty Close to the cartoons looked like.

  3. Awesome. This is childhood memories in carved into lead. The paintjobs are great.

  4. I'm still analyzing how you went the creamy route instead of ultra crisp edge highlights and sharp saturated contrast most of people seek when attempting NMM.

    1. I did take the sword blade from charcoal grey up to white. I find that NMM that lacks extreme contrast is just lackluster, so to speak. You have to "go big or go home".

      Re your other comment... NMM is actually easier on smaller pieces because you *don't* need to blend so smoothly. It's a cinch on 15 mm figures: just the darkest colour as a base, then a bit of a lighter hue, then dab on the bright highlights!

  5. You definitely achieved some beautiful skin tones on the Glamorous Guardian. Cool work!

    1. Thanks! She's definitely one of those... fleshy figures where you don't want to half-ass (so to speak) the flesh tones.


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