Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hasty pudding

Gelatinous Cube
28mm scale

So it was election night in Canada, and I could have spent the evening anxiously glued to my laptop waiting for the latest scraps of data... but instead I spent it doing a quick, fun hobby project! 

At work we ran some small plastic media bottles through the hot dishwasher... they did not like it, producing what us scientists like to call "autoclave art":

This could have merely been a funny desk decoration, but I had other ideas.  I sawed one in half:

Made a cheap base out of cork, with dungeon stones painted on with a piece of sponge:

Glued a few shoddily-painted skulls and a spare sword to the inside surface, and tada!

A pretty decent, though smallish, version of the classic D&D Gelatinous Cube!  It's perhaps not going to win any hobby contests, but I'm happy with it!  And it's nice to have a project come together so spontaneously after painstakingly painting up Narthoks the Beholder...

"Looks like it already found those bandits we met earlier..."


  1. You son of a ...

    This has to be the smartest and most effective solution to gelatinous cube sculpting... Ever.

    Being it cristal clear gives it an extra disturbing touch as, biologically speaking it makes sense to be harder to be seen from a distance if you want to lunch fresh adventurer meat instead of just laying corpses.

    Quick fun stuff, yet superb. Really inspiring.

    1. Thanks!

      G.C.'s are traditionally supposed to be super transparent, so much so that you might not see one coming down the corridor until... ack! Roll for initiative! They're often drawn as virulently green, but I figure that's because it looks better in a drawing. Or maybe that just happens after they ingest a lot of copper items :D

  2. I want to do some now! Genious!

    1. Thanks! I... have no idea if crystal-clear PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles are commonly available, or what temperature you need to get this effect. I'm not much help I guess :/

  3. This made me squee slightly, highly undignified for a man in his mid-forties on public transport.


  4. Just like the others said, this is mind-blowing. Pure genius!

  5. Genius! What a simple but elegant looking gelatinous cube.

  6. Ha ha ... that's awesome creativity on your part :)


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