Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hasty pudding

Gelatinous Cube
28mm scale

So it was election night in Canada, and I could have spent the evening anxiously glued to my laptop waiting for the latest scraps of data... but instead I spent it doing a quick, fun hobby project! 

At work we ran some small plastic media bottles through the hot dishwasher... they did not like it, producing what us scientists like to call "autoclave art":

This could have merely been a funny desk decoration, but I had other ideas.  I sawed one in half:

Made a cheap base out of cork, with dungeon stones painted on with a piece of sponge:

Glued a few shoddily-painted skulls and a spare sword to the inside surface, and tada!

A pretty decent, though smallish, version of the classic D&D Gelatinous Cube!  It's perhaps not going to win any hobby contests, but I'm happy with it!  And it's nice to have a project come together so spontaneously after painstakingly painting up Narthoks the Beholder...

"Looks like it already found those bandits we met earlier..."

Friday, October 18, 2019

Enter the Beholder-verse

Narthoks the Terrible
28mm scale

Burning cities
And napalm skies
Fifteen flares inside those ocean eyes

An arch-villain, an overlord, a mercenary, a destroyer, a monster... Narthoks is all of these things.  Floating through space takes on new meaning when the floater is a 2m-wide highly intelligent creature with a taste for carnage, pillage, and devouring sapient flesh.  Heavily armed and utterly ruthless, Narthoks bears the scars of past battles but only becomes more dangerous with each bloody encounter.

Narthoks is a Bears Head miniature... in my opinion the most spectacular character Phillip has created so far!  I made a few conversions: swapping his club for a vintage chainsword, replacing his round grenade, and adding a claw to his tech-tentacle.

"Going somewhere, human?"

Friday, October 04, 2019

Glamorous Guardian

28 mm

Warrior girl only goes to where she wants to
Warrior girl maybe has a heavy sword
Warrior girl has no idea where she jumps to
But she jumps to where she wants to
And she's never, ever bored

The brave and loyal but sometimes headstrong Teela is the Captain of the Eternian Royal Guard.  The adopted daughter of Duncan, the Man-At-Arms, she is in fact the secret child of Teela-Na, the Sorceress of Castle Greyskull.

This Quest Miniatures figure really captures the cheesy 1980's-ness of the character, charging into battle in her up-do, white swimsuit and high heels.  As one does.  The shield that came with her was quite large, which I remedied by making a copy using Instant Mold and replicating only the central boss with greenstuff, to give her a buckler more suitable for a lightly-armored warrior.

"Bring Your Daughter to Work Day"
"Uh... I'm sure that cat wasn't anybody's pet."