Saturday, February 25, 2023

Dare to be Punk

"Maggie, You ****"


Twenty five quid to live on
Seven days a week to survive
Five and twenty pictures of the queen
You won't see the starvation in her eyes
Twenty five quid to dish out
And you're already ten in debt
So with fifteen singles left over
The landlord gets the rent

Maggie, Maggie you c*** Maggie, Maggie you c*** Maggie
Maggie you c*** Maggie Maggie Maggie Maggie you fucking c***

- The Exploited, "Maggie" 

This is my entry for the Instagram "Punk Dare" contest run by Dark Elf Erin.  I envisioned a Britain where the Falklands war dragged on, depressing the economy to desperate lengths, and where the 1984 attack by the IRA succeeded in wiping out most of the British Cabinet.  In response, Margaret Thatcher institutes emergency measures and turns Britain into a real police state.  But some people still resist...

 I tried to load this figure up with old-school punk style: red Royal Stewart plaid, ripped fishnets, and a bold mohawk... contrasted with the totalitarian propaganda posters plastered over old punk material on the wall behind her (and already torn down and defaced).

I also decorated the back of the piece, with some fun old punk show posters:

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