Friday, November 03, 2023


I had fun painting up a few Halloween themed minis this year!  I kept them fun and quick, and I think they turned out pretty well!  All of these are from my stash of old minis, and several had made it as far as being cleaned up and glued to a base before my attention... wandered.

Skeleton and Wolfman

A bone-chilling pair!  The classic Wolfman is a Reaper figure, the gangly skeleton is Confrontation.


This one is an old Wizkids HeroClix miniature of Batman's beastly counterpart "Man-Bat".

And this Orctober Orc soldier, which is a very deep dive into the lead pile indeed...

Who knows where this guy is from, though a good guess might be pre-slotta Citadel...  I love his hangdog attitude and crude appearance, he's really the most expendable tier of greenskin grunts.


  1. Lovely seasonal selection!

    Personal fav is the orc for sure. That shield emblem is fun!

    1. Thanks! You're not the first person to mention it. I thought it was just kind of a generic "fierce face", although I did try to make it look decent within the modest limits of my freehand skill.


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