Monday, March 18, 2024

Two Murder Hobos

D&D Bard and Fighter


So a friend of mine is running a D&D game, or will be as soon as we can fit five adult schedules together 😄.  We had a session zero to start our character creation and background, and I decided to play a bard.  I've offered to source and even paint figures for anyone who wants, and I've had one taker so far.

Gedly of Lamneth is a bard of the College of Lore, who plays the bass lute.  He has secret demonic heritage which allows him to cast the Fireball cantrip as well as his regular complement of bardic magic.

Thorin is a human fighter, and acolyte of Tyr the god of valor and war.  Tall, fair haired, and lean, he wields a silvered sword.

Both of these figures were lightly converted, which is so much easier with the D&D plastic minis!  For Gedly I removed a hat and added long hair and glasses, and modified his sword blade and lute. For Thorin, I covered up elf ears with more hair, and removed a falcon from his outstretched hand.

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