Monday, November 29, 2021

Eye Scream

28mm scale

Eye-terrors lurk in the dark heights of dungeons and forests, waiting for unsuspecting prey to pass below.  Dropping onto the victim's head, they rapidly infiltrate the nervous system with their tendrils and take over control of the body. The head is then digested and the eye-terror is free to roam, seeking sustenance. It uses potent psionic attacks to subjugate prey, which it then consumes with its digestive tentacles.  The host body inevitably withers, and at some point it is discarded and the eye-terror seeks a high place to perch and wait for its next host...

Here we see a pair of vicious leucrottas that have fallen victim to the eye-terrors' ambush.

The eye-terrors are based on a pair of Nolzur's leucrottas models, which I found rather uninspiring by themselves, but playing with a handful of ball bearings at the bike shop gave me an idea...


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    1. Thanks! They're neither my best painting or my best sculpting... but I think they're fun and creepy :)

  2. Oooh! Terrific (and terrifying!) beasts. The mere concept gives me the shivers, really a cool job!

  3. OMFG! That made me think about an old DC baddie, Starro.

    Really somehow these give me the creeps.

    1. I'm glad people are seeing these as legitimately creepy. I think that they were subconsciously inspired by the headcrabs from Half-Life, which are an absolutely horrifying idea.

    2. And, apparently Starro is in the new Suicide Squad movie...

    3. Starro in a live action movie? just wow.

      Not quite there: headcrabs from HL to me had a feeling from body horror movies but these:

      1-the eye bugs don't look right. In the vein of "this shouldn't exist". In a hounds of tindalos sense, stuff that shouldn't be.

      2-Animal hosts. You know something is twice the vermin the SOAB they are when they just won't focus humans but anything alive.

      These two made the eyes to be a no-no on my book congrats I guess. Don't do that ever again :D

    4. They definitely are "the thing that should not be" 😬.

      I like that the D&D fluff really goes in to how vicious and vile and ferocious leucrottas are... But to these, they're just another meal on the hoof.

  4. Such a cool conversion and also a wonderful paint-job. They're cute and creepy at the same time! :D

    1. You only think they're cute because large eyes fool your brain into thinking that somebody's paying attention to you. It's the same reason that kittens are cute, and mascara makes people look more attractive.

      Anyway glad you like 🙂


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