Sunday, July 18, 2021

Moloch's Revenge

Eidolon Possessed Statue of Moloch
28mm scale

I saw this figure in my recently-reopened FLGS and instantly wanted it!  It's a deity's idol, possessed by an "eidolon", the vengeful spirit of a faithful follower and tasked to guard the temple from intruders.  I don't play RPGs now, but I definitely remember the glory days of 80's D&D, including this book:


Yep, that's the statue on the cover, including the missing eye, prised out of its setting by what "adventurers" who appear to be nothing better than common bandits!  So regardless of this entity's alignment, one can't help but understand why it's disgruntled...

Even more menacing in 15mm scale!


  1. Epic!!! That last picture is incredibly good!

    1. Thanks! He's still impressive in 28 mm scale, but in 15? He's a complete terror. Interestingly, if you look at the humans in the original illustration, that's closer to the correct scale.

  2. Really sweet paintjob, I love the texture of it

    1. Nothing but the finest drybrushing for this baby! Glad you like!


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