Sunday, July 25, 2021

Ain't no party like an Edo party

Japanese Adventurers

I finished a whole party of Japanese adventurers to go with the two I posted a while ago.  There are two archers (Ronin and peasant), two fighters (sumo and ona-bugeisha), and a magic user.


Here's a closer look at the figures I haven't already posted.  I rather like the archer despite her plain appearance; her facial expression turned out well.  And the mage really looks good with the spell effect I added using wire and painted flock.

15 mm scale

What's an adventure without powerful and terrifying foes?  This ogre certainly fits the bill...

These figures fit very well with ninjas from Rebel Minis (r)...


  1. Hmmmmm... I remember writing a comment on these, but it seems I didn't publish. Very nice group of miniatures, they really do mix well with Rebel's Ninjas. The painting is fantastic as always!

    1. The ninjas are ham fisted but otherwise quite proportional. The AA figures are very nice for 15mm. No enormous heads etc 😄 and good poses. Glad you like!

    2. I like EVERYTHING you paint.


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