Monday, September 06, 2021

Raiders of the lost paintjob

Pulp Adventurers

"Do we need the monkey?"
"I'm surprised at you. Talking that way about our baby. He's got your looks, too."

These figures were a lot of fun... I received them from an Instagram friend to paint as a trade.  I don't know where they're all from: I suspect Rebel Miniatures and perhaps somewhere else?  Anyway, they have a lot of great "Indiana Jones" energy :)

On a whim, I made a little "jungle altar with gold idol" piece to go with them... I'm sure it's not booby trapped.


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  2. Ha, that's so great! They all look lovely, but the risk now is how will you resist starting a whole range of Indiana Jones minis!

    1. Well I'm sending these back to their original owner, so that will help... For some reason I've never been super into the whole pulp adventure side of things. But I'm glad you like these! It's always fun to step out of our comfort zones once in a while...

    2. Great work on the Indiana Jones minis. I agree that stepping out of your comfort zone can be fun. To me it is also essential in breathing new life into our hobby.


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