Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Motley Things

Chick Challenge* Entry
28 mm

OK, I can't actually show this, at least not before the Dec. 5 closing date for contest entries. But I will say it's a lovely sculpt by Victoria Lamb, and it's not at all like a lot of the things I have painted lately. Also, it's very purple.

* The Chick Challenge, in brief, is a female miniature painting contest. It was run for years by Jason Moses, but is now ably managed by Legio Pictorum, a group of Italian painters.

I recently managed to acquire ($2, church bazaar) a battered copy of Heroquest! This was a Milton Bradley fantasy board game from the 80's, with game pieces produced by Citadel/Games Workshop. Essentially a canned version of a RPG dungeon crawl, complete with treasure to collect and orcs and other nasties to fight.

It came with a large number of "game pieces":

Hmm, yeah. They remind me of the figures from Battlemasters, or the old Bloodbowl box set. While they're not exactly high-quality even by the standards of modern plastic figures, I have done decent paint jobs on such things in the past.

I feel like these have... potential. We'll see.


  1. Just $2 !?

    Oh My Dog! You made me see the light, I should be visiting churches more often (other than friends' weddings)

    Both the figures and game are great, and those kind of exaggerated plastic guys will looke awesome once you paint them.

    IMHO You manage to excel at "paint it gay" (as some CMoN'ers reffer when talking about Clean-Bright-Colorful paintjobs + green bases that used to be the coolest thing back a couple of decades ago). Wich for me is ok since I love that old 'eavy metal flavor.


  2. Yes, I think cartoony Eavy Metal style is probably best for these characters. They even do look a bit like they're from an 80's TV cartoon or something.


  3. Nice score there! There's something rather cool about those old minis! I painted one of the Chaos Warriors a while back - was actually rather nice to paint! It's weird - whilst they're obviously dated, it's surprising how good a lot of the miniatures are - a lot of the new companies producing plastics don't seem to be able to produce ones that are anywhere near as characterful!


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