Thursday, April 21, 2005

Chaos Archer

My Chaos Archer is finished, I think he turned out pretty well:

The bronze bits look very good with flat varnish on them - not totally corroded but not polished either. I gave the steel armour plate a gloss finish though to make it look newer. The "mud" base actually looks like mud with boot prints too, which is nice. I just sculpted it by hand from epoxy putty after the figure was fixed to the base. The flesh came out looking rather flat but that was hard to avoid with the lack of detailing on the musculature.

A note about plastic miniatures:
Metal miniatures are "spin cast" in flexible rubber molds. The mold can flex to allow a complex casting to be removed from the crevices of its mold cavity. Plastic figures are cast in steel injection molds. As a result they cannot be as complicated or detailed - since the mold is inflexible any fiddly bits would be trapped in the mold cavity. The sides of the figure tend to be especially problematic and thus details there can be distorted or just absent.


  1. Nice job painting up that archer. I think its neat that they have made the molds softer than the sculpture. Its a cool idea that does seem to allow for greater details, while at the same time giving you a reusable mold.

    I suppose the risk was breaking the mold to save the cast. Or perhaps a mold is not firm enough to hold the details of the cast in place during cooling. I dont know, but its neat to find out about.

  2. Impressive painting job on the Chaos Archer.

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