Thursday, April 07, 2005

Molly Millions

Some sculpting. The medium is Green Stuff - 2-part epoxy putty. I've actually been working on this for a while (very very slowly since sculpting is not my forte). It will eventually be a model of the character "Molly" from William Gibson's Sprawl Trilogy - a cybernetically enhanced mercenary with blades under her fingernails and mirrored lenses surgically grafted over her eyes.

Molly Millions
32 mm

Future additions include huge lenses on the face, 80's rocker-chick shag haircut and of course hands and face. I might actually remove the combat boot and give her cowboy boots instead. The book mentions those somewhere.

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  1. Nice work so far...

    I think cowboy boots would totally be a nice touch over comabats. Also, I think you could take creative license with the sun glasses and update them to the late 90's by giving her inset oakleys... I suppose that is always the way I imagined her.

    It will be cool to see this come along. Is there any other art out there that is based on the might be one of the first to mini-"ize" characters from the novel.


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