Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Initial Public Offering

Painting Agency is my experiment at hosting my own miniature painting-oriented weblog. Here I'll post my latest creations, works in progress and links to other miniature-related websites.

"Empereur Haghendorf" by Ilyad Games
42 mm

As of April 6 I'm nearly done this guy. He's an experiment in depicting metals (gold and steel in this case) without actually using metallic paints. Survey says "it's really freaking hard". [edited May 30, 2005 - "before" pic added]


  1. Hi Allison,

    You did a really nice job on that one. However, I think that some bright yellow raver pants might have brought out the colours in his eyes and the base a little better.

    think about it.

  2. I think you did a really good job.


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