Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Thing That Should Not Be

Tentacled Vivisectionist
15 mm

Straight out of hell
One of a kind
Stalking his victim
Don't look behind you


The chaotic, murky underlevels of Dropfall city are home to secretive criminal gangs, the diseased or mutated, and the merely poor and desperate.  Rumours of far more sinister denizens abound; in a lawless world where inhabitants can simply disappear for any one of a thousand reasons, a predator can select victims with total freedom.  The Vivisectionist intends to learn the biomechanical secrets of all sentient species, one flayed and twitching body at a time.

Amarjit battles through gibbering revenants, intent on taking the fight to their
hideous master.  Will her blades end its terrible reign, or will she end up as its
latest experimental subject?

Figure is a Reaper "Darkspawn Familiar", intended for 28mm scale.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Diminutive Extra-Terrestrial

Friendly Asogian
15 mm scale

The small-statured natives of the planet Brodo Asogi ("The Green Planet") are intelligent and good-natured.  Their society values science and exploration and they send research expeditions to the farthest reaches of space in the hopes of discovering new natural wonders.  Though physically weak, they have potent psi powers which give them telekinetic and healing abilities.

A Khurasan figure from the pack "friendly demons".

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Daring Deep Space Dinos

Chuhuac Space Marines
15 mm

Like most spacefaring species, the Chuhuac have a strong interest in exercising sovereignty over their home space; this includes aggressively suppressing elements such as pirates and smugglers.  Crew and troops on the corvettes Wingfinger, Talon, and Far-Seer are experienced in intercepting and boarding criminal vessels.

Another trio of Loud Ninja Games' fun space dinos here.  I used the "Chuhuac Troopers" pack from for my ground forces in the previous post, these are "Chuhuac Special Forces".  Giving them a higher-tech space-suited look completely changes the feel; I definitely like how these turned out.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Raptors in Spaaaace!

The Chuhuac
15 mm

A boisterous race of social carnivores who appreciate a good hunt or aggressive play more than anything, the Chuhuac had long been troubled by the suspicion that something was amiss with their origins.  Only once they developed the paleontological sciences were they able to confirm what several major religions had long argued - that while their species had inhabited their lushly biological world for eons, they did not originate there.  Their fossil record began abruptly about 65 million years ago, preceded by faint traces of a previous, unrelated early ecosystem.

Though first contact between humans and the Chuhuac was initially distrustful, it was still existentially stunning for both species to discover blood relatives across the vastness of space.  As relations improved, both species' scientists eagerly began to work together to learn how an entire ecosystem descended from Cretaceous fauna and flora came to exist on a world dozens of light-years away from Earth.

Although individually aggressive by nature, historical interludes of catastrophic internecine conflict have left the Chuhuac with a distaste for actual warfare.  Their military forces, like this pack leader and his troopers, exist largely for self-defense and to assist allies in ventures deemed ethically justifiable.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Light and Dark

Keisho the Monk
15 mm

As we see farther into the universe and meet innumerable beings, some might ask "how can I have compassion for these beings who I do not even understand?".  An answer could be "one does not need to understand the language or metabolic requirements of another being to accept their suffering".  Such universal understanding may not be possible, but universal compassion is a stone on the path of enlightenment.

Some faiths adapted to humankind's spread through the galaxy better than others.  Keisho, a monk of the NeoBuddhist Temple of the Four Noble Truths, lives among the poor and exploited in the filthy spaceport of Dropfall.  There he seeks to relieve worldly affliction and teach the dharma to any sentients, human or otherwise, who seek it.

I first mentioned this guy in passing in a previous post, and when I saw now has a monk figure available, I thought it was almost perfect, though I did add a sort of breather pack to make him more sci-fi.

"So... you're saying letting go of attachments can become an attachment?"

Gunslinger Assassin
15 mm

What, art thou drawn among these heartless hinds? 
Turn thee, Benvolio, look upon thy death.

A slightly converted figure.  I think Spacejacker did a much better job on these guys, no surprise there.

Picking up cargo on Ord Mantell, Han and Chewie run into another of Jabba's hired guns.

Monday, September 21, 2015

A Dark Lord Unmasked

So I don't often do blog posts about other people's blog posts, but I recently came across something too cool to pass up.  Matt S. at Oldenhammer in Toronto recently posted this conversion of a Star Wars Imperial Assault Darth Vader figure which blew me away:

He has a bit to say about it too:
If there's anything scarier than Darth Vader in his mask, it's Darth Vader with the top down: the bruised eyes, the long unhealed wounds, and the skin pale as a moonscape. There is no better subject if you want a miniature as a portrait of a person in pain.

It's a powerful portrait of one of our favourite sci-fi villains in all his hideous glory...  If you like it, don't just tell me.  Tell him!  (He's also posted some other really nice Star Wars stuff more recently, so check that out too.  I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this blog from now on.)

Friday, August 07, 2015

Dino Discovery

So I found these plastic Schleich mini dinosaurs at the local toy store the other day.  I think they have interesting 15 mm possibilities.  The raptor and the pterosaur are a tad off-scale but the others seem pretty bang-on.  And, at only $4 each, you could put a herd on the gaming table for the cost of a few pints...

"Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"

They do have a bit of molded text on their bellies that someone like me would feel compelled to remove and putty over, but otherwise they're pretty awesome as-is.  And scale is at least credible; here they are posing with a (largish) 15 mm humanoid:

"Come at me, bro!"
Khurasan "Huntarr" figure for scale.