Friday, August 15, 2014

Hell Divers WIP, and a gift

Hell Divers are fantastic.  Really.  I'm working on another six right now and as good as the sculpts are, I think what I like most is no doubles!  I'm pretty sure that in the three packs I bought (Alpha, Bravo and Omega squads) every figure is a different sculpt, so no bending arms and cutting heads to avoid your squad looking like a chorus line.

Obviously I'm painting these to match my previous four, so lots of Ordic Olive/Okavango Swamp.

Robot Monster (redux)
15 mm

I enjoyed painting this Khurasan figure again, this time as a birthday present for my brother.  Retro-licious!  I have to say I got a lot of use out of these packs...

Thursday, July 31, 2014

First painted Hell Divers!

Crome Masters
Steel Warriors
Soul Stealers
Ripping out hearts
They're Devil Dogs
The Hell Patrol

Hell Divers - Sgt. Elias and Sgt. Barnes
15 mm

I was pretty excited to paint these figures and of course I started with a couple of the Omega Squad personalities, named by me after the better and worse angels in "Platoon".  Barnes (creeping) is as is, Elias (standing) is a basic head swap between two Omega figures.  I stuck with a classic military drab scheme, reminiscent of WW2 American uniforms, with red visors (below) giving them a sci-fi touch.
Hell Divers sniper team
15 mm

The Hell Divers' precision shooters can effectively eliminate key enemy personnel and even light vehicles from a safe standoff position.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Terrain, and Maligs, and Hell Divers, oh my!

Ruined City Terrain
15 mm scale

Took a while but these turned out pretty much like I imagined them in my head.  I'm glad I broke up the grey monotony with some painted/patterned surfaces, and coloured wreckage and casualties to keep it interesting.  They were probably a lot more work than most gamers would want to put into random ruins though!

Ion Age Maligs
15 mm

The violent, dirty, undisciplined greenskins of the Ion Age universe!  And dumb, so so dumb.  Dirty deeds done dirt cheap, but as usual you get what you pay for.  Want them to blow up a radar station?  Oops, they blew up your favorite radio station.

"Ay mates, three to one!  We can take 'im!"

One more thing... Though I usually try to avoid posting "Look what I bought!", I feel ClearHorizon Miniatures' strong initial releases deserve as much promotion as possible.

Professional packaging :)
My personal favorites...
What possessed me to buy all these Hell Divers?  Oh right, they're a really nice lineup.  I think I got all the infantry packs that are currently available.  Looking forward to painting some of these!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Scatter brained

So I'm having a go at some basic scatter terrain right now.  Not my usual thing, but I figure I can use it for photo backdrops.  I'm a bit new to this so I stuck with standard foamcore "Stalingrad"-style ruins:

I do like to make things complicated, so I gussied it up with some wreckage and a few ex-combatants, molded from a Khurasan power armored trooper and Mekanoid.  This gives a satisfying half-buried look without having to saw a metal figure in half lengthwise:

Next step is to spray prime everything... I hope I sealed the foam well enough.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Recon Thing

Riflething Scout Buggy
15 mm scale

Designed for rapid reconnaissance of dense urban areas, this lightly-armoured buggy allows Riflethings to get in and out, relying on speed and good steering to avoid small arms fire.  The driver is protected by slug-resistant, laser-ablative canopy; the gunner is exposed, but packs a punch with a plasma projector whose effects on infantry are best described as "horribly demoralizing".

This was a fun stress buster in the week after baby #2 was born, the chassis painting came together surprisingly quickly, though detailing took a bit of time later.  Frankly, I tried not to sweat the clumsy brushwork too much, in the interests of finishing it quickly.  The display base is as basic as it gets... printed paper on craft plywood, just something to place it on really.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Need for Speed

Riflething Urban Ops Recon Buggy
15 mm scale

This vehicle started life as a Hot Wheels "Max Steel Turbo Racer" toy:

Pretty cool wheels... But I knew I could do better.  Luckily, this toy is almost exactly in-scale (judging by the driver's cockpit), and solidly futuristic-looking, so it didn't need much work.  I swapped the spindly front wheels for some from another car and added a turret (armed with a Space Marine plasma pistol) and Riflething gunner.  I don't do many vehicles to go with my figures, so this is kind of a step out for me.  We'll see how much painting gets done before the baby arrives, but I'll definitely have a go at it...