Sunday, March 01, 2015

Friday, February 27, 2015

Seagoing Scalawags

Bennet's Buccaneers
15 mm

My pirate crew got a bit derailed by Real Life as well as the fun hovercraft in my previous post, but I'm trying to get them finished here.  These are fun little figures with lots of character, but since they're individuals they do take a fair bit more work to paint than a uniform "squad" of soldiers.  Anyway there are four more to finish and hopefully I'll get those posted soon too... because I just ordered some brand spanking new Ion Age stuff that I'd love to paint up!  The eternal struggle...

Speaking of the Ion Age, I've slowly been working on these Hab Domes for a while.

So far they're just base coated and washed, but I like the look already, kind of grimy and industrial. They're kind of small for a factory installation etc., but would make good colony lab or workshop buildings, or a small military camp.  I have to say that, as with the Corbal Hardpoint, the airbrush was really helpful for laying down a nice even base colour on these, though I haven't even a novice's grasp of its more elaborate uses.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Amphibious Attack

Amphibious Assault Hovercraft
15 mm scale

I was a bit stalled on my pirates, and my sci-fi roots must have been showing, because I whipped this off in less than a week which is pretty speedy for me.  The hover is of course an Ion Age "Adder Combat Lifter" missile pod variant I've had kicking around for a while.  A nice model; it has its own style but you could use it for a lot of different factions without it looking out of place.

The riders are Clear Horizons' Hell Divers, which were the only seated figures I had, but turned out looking perfect.  I painted them to look very "Star Wars clone trooper", without actually intending to.  I just wanted to distinguish them from my other squad and not be green.  I picture this vehicle doing high-speed shore assaults, rapidly disembarking a team of infantry and then falling back to support them with missile strikes.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Yo ho ho!

Oh the year was 1778
How I wish I was in Sherbrooke now!
A Letter of Marque came from the King
to the scummiest vessel I've ever seen
God damn them all!

I got a couple of sets of these great little pirate figures from Rebel Miniatures back in January.  They're so much fun!  I guess I needed a break from so many "sci-fi space trooper guys".. or maybe my daughter's frequent viewings of "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" are getting to me ;)  I picked up a pack of 24 male pirates, and one with a few women for diversity's sake.  I love that in 15 mm, that was for the cost of like, one Space Marine.

(Dave Graffam Models has some downloadable paper scenery that'd go perfectly with these guys.  Might need to shell out a few more bucks for a suitable photo setup.)

Monday, January 19, 2015

2015: Heavies and Stealth Agent

Puritan Power Armour
15 mm scale

I got these Puritan superheavy troops from Khurasan last year, and just decided to paint a couple up as post-holiday slump-buster.  I don't know what, if any, fluff to assign them yet so I held off on markings etc.  They seem like they'd be nice Neo Soviet/sci-fi-communist elite troops of some kind (especially painted red like this).

Splinter Assassin
15 mm

The first figure from my latest Rebel Miniatures order (a solid handful of 15 mm pirates and ninjas remain untouched as yet).  This guy is obviously "inspired" by the protagonist of the Splinter Cell video games and his not-very-stealthy green head lamps.  A very nice little sculpt!

Basic bitz box basing...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Rock and Roll all (Christmas) Night

Gingerbread KISS Pinball Machine

Every Christmas season, I try and produce a fun and novel gingerbread creation and post it here.  Longtime readers may remember my avant-garde church, windmill, or light-up lighthouse.  This time, I was non-architecturally inspired by the 1978 KISS pinball arcade machine.

Side panel portraits of the band; almost recognizeable as human.

Four player scoreboard with logo.

For reference, the original item.
So, happy holidays everyone!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Corbal Hardpoint... On The Move!

Corbal Mobile Hardpoint
15mm scale

Well, it's done!  This is definitely the biggest project I've done in ages, and although it proceeded painfully slowly at times I have to say I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I went with a white/colour accent scheme because I rather liked the white/red studio paint job on the Ion Age website, and frankly, because it's not too hard to paint a lot of white this way.  Also, I think camouflaging something like a four-storey-tall walking gun tower would be kind of pointless, especially if you want to use it as a "terror weapon".

(Now that I look at it all finished up it does have more than a passing resemblance to a giant walking Dalek... but that's not really a bad thing.)

"Run away!  Run away!"

"Here's the problem, big guy.  You've got some humanoid stuck to your foot."