Friday, January 17, 2020

A Touch of Evil

28 mm

Without warning you're here
Like magic you appear
I taste the fear

If Skeletor is the magical brawn among Eternia's villains, Evil-Lyn is the brains.  Though a lesser sorcerer in terms of raw power, she's nevertheless much more intelligent than Skeletor, and is more than willing to work on her own or even secretly against him to further her own self-interest.  Her staff allows her to channel her dark magic into powerful energy blasts.

Evil-Lyn is a Quest Miniatures figure.

"You know, hero, if we set aside our differences, we could get something we both want..."
"Uh... Pockets?"

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Gaslands Power Trip

Gaslands electrical van
approx. 20mm scale

Danger, danger
High voltage
When we touch, when we kiss
Danger, danger
High voltage
When we touch, when we kiss, when we touch

All sorts of vehicles end up on the dangerous roads of Gaslands... this one seems to be a common utility van that's been armed with a potent but experimental Arc Lighting Projector! Stranger things have happened...

(Yes, it's absolutely based on the government van that Eleven flips over in "Stranger Things" S1).  Stuff I like about this project: its weapon is a Zoids part that has literally sat in my bitz box for 30 years :) Stuff I don't like so much: my terrible freehand lettering skills are on full display... :(

I also dug into my stash of printed materials and whipped up a basic gasoline storage tank terrain piece or objective marker (I actually have no idea if Gaslands uses these).

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Petit painter

Centaur archer

In a fit of anti-materialism I asked for nothing for Christmas, so Painting Agency won't be featuring the popular "seasonal haul" type post.  But... this happened!

She asked for some "little men", and we got her two Nolzur's minis and her own #2 brush.  To say I'm proud is an understatement :D

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Gaslands Jet Set

Gaslands cars
approx. 20mm scale

Raise the sights, the city lights are calling
We're hot tonight, the time is right, there's nitro in the air
In the street is where we'll meet, we're warning
On the beat, we won't retreat, beware

Thousands of cars and a million guitars
Screaming with power in the air
We've found the place where the decibels race
This army of rock will be there

"Go Fasta"


I don't play Gaslands, but a few things came together and prompted me to have a go at this thrifty flavour of post-apocalyptic modeling.  Over at Sho3box, he's been Gasland-ing the entire Hot Wheels holiday calendar one day at a time... couple that with me being out toy shopping for Christmas, and it was pretty much inevitable.

To try and have a bit of a theme, I picked up two cars with a little... extra in the propulsion department: the "Custom El Camino" and the "2 Jet Z". Sho3box's quick and surprisingly effective conversion protocol leaves the original paintjob intact and adds weathering, but since both these cars lacked colour, I primed and totally repainted them.  Weapons and other additions are from my bitz box (though conversion sprues are available). Results: very satisfactory.  Ready to go hunting in the wastelands!

We have the apocalypse in Ontario, too ;D
(The road signs are from the Ontario government Driver's Handbook website, printed to suitable size. So easy!)

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Spectral Sidekick

28 mm scale

While his magical abilities are notoriously inept, the Trollan creature known as Orko does often aid Eternia's defenders with his bravery, and by producing a shocking array of useful items from beneath his mysterious hat.

Orko was a surprise bonus figure included in my order from Quest Miniatures.  I gave him a bit of a mysterious "Jawa" look here :)

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Festive Freebooters

Holiday smugglers
15 mm

Sandy "Claus" Klosowicz and her colleague "Elf" are some of the best smugglers in human space.  While they do work for profit, some of their most legendary runs have been humanitarian missions on behalf of aid and relief organizations.  Their delivery of tons of military-grade peptide bars and medical nanites is believed to have saved thousands during the pirate blockade of Hydra 357 Prime.  Many children, and their parents, at struggling bare-bones colony outposts dream of seeing these folk heroes' freighter landing one day, bringing supplies, food and even small luxuries from the core worlds.

Sandy and Elf are Ion Age figures from Alternative Armies.

Some dropoffs can get a bit hairy...

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Harry Cryptid

28mm scale*

Bigfoot, or the sasquatch, is one of the best-known North American "cryptids" or animals that are claimed but not proven to exist.  Almost everyone has probably seen the classic photo, which is a still from the "Patterson-Gimlin film" supposedly showing a large ape-like bipedal creature walking along a river gorge.

Totally not a guy in a rented gorilla suit.

The creature is an American icon, appearing in countless media and with statues showing up in countless parks, businesses, and tourist attractions. It's even made forays into politics.  As for whether it truly exists or not, according to well-known primatologist Jane Goodall, "maybe they don't exist, but I want them to"... which is good enough for me.

"They told me you were all right, Jane."

This Bears Head Miniatures figure is a great version, nicely combining the loping gait of the classic imagery with a slightly more human-like "Harry and the Hendersons" style face and hands. 

(* At 55mm tall, its scale may depend on exactly how BIG you think Bigfoot should be...)