Sunday, April 17, 2005

Miniature Exchange is having a "miniature exchange". Basically, I send a mini to someone, and (a different) someone sends one to me. It's a way for everyone to try painting things we might not pick out ourselves.

My recipient is "MarkusTay", a painter in New York state. I'm sending him these:

I've done two (1, 2, 3) of these exchanges before, it's a lot of fun and a surprise gift is a good motivation to put in the extra effort and make it a great paint job.


  1. So Allison,

    did this whole mini-painting thing start with people wanting to decorate thier RPG characters? Cause, otherwise...I can't see someone thinging..."Hey lets go find the smallest little thing and then squit till I go blind trying to do an incredible (which most do!) paint job."

    Maybe you could take some time to give us your perspective on the history of mini's ...current trends. That sorta stuff. What do ya thnik?

  2. It did indeed start with Dungeons and Dragons, and players getting minis of their characters. An article is a good idea though I spend too much time surfing and not enough painting as it is ;D


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