Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm very strange, I know it.

I'm working on a new 15 mm project... and it's a weird one. Here's some rough concept art:

What the? OK, some explanation: As we all know from watching "Raiders of the Lost Ark", the Third Reich were interested in some pretty fringe stuff - occultism and black magic and so on. This is the product of some kind of Nazi occult ritual gone horribly awry on the battlefield, resulting in the tank being "possessed" by some kind of demon or entity :O Kind of like the Chaos vehicles in Warhammer 40,000.

I'm basing this on a 15 mm Flames of War tank, and probably some GW Chaos or Genestealer bitz for the legs, since I'm not such a hot sculptor... I might have some mixed troops (Allied AND German) trying to destroy the thing, to emphasize what a universal menace it is. Should be fun :)


  1. IMHO looks too chaos-esque (WH 40k) Maybe something closer to HP Lovecraft (unspeakable horror) would work better than the eye+legs combo. Even some stuff out of frankenstein's mad doc lab attached to the panzer...

    Mignola (hellboy), wolfenstein, bloodrayne, weird war tales (pulp magazines) and such may give this critter much 40s approach.

    BTW love the tentacle victim!

  2. You may be right... I might end up going for more insectoid legs (no claws on the end), but I think sculpting six big tentacles would be too arduous a task. I'm basically lazy :) I do like the giant eye idea, but I might put a few more of them sprouting out all over, reminiscent of a Shoggoth or something.

    I do really enjoy Hellboy, and of course it always has fantastic tentacles. I think it's really a major inspiration to all this Weird War 2 stuff I've been into...

  3. I like this concept quite a bit. Right up my alley. Lovecraftian Horrors on a WW 2 battlefield go together like peanut butter and pickles (just trust me on that)....

  4. Path of least resistance: slug foot with eye and tentacles


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