Friday, December 30, 2022

Graveyard Watcher

"Angel of Death" Statue

28mm scale

Not a ghost bloodied country
All covered with sleep
Where the black angel did weep

A deserted churchyard... neglected, moldering headstones and blowing leaves.  And a tall, masked figure, its wings spread ominously behind the scythe looming in its grip.  "Just a statue", you say... "Just the moonlight", you say...

This was my utterly non-seasonal pre-holiday project from a few weeks ago.  It's a really old Ral Partha figure, dating back to 1979 and sculpted by the legendary Tom Meier!  It was part of RP's original extensive and characterful lineup.


I threw together a few old graves with mossy headstones to go with it, they should make good scenery for some ghoulish character at some point.


  1. OMG I saw this and was like "Buffy?" BUT again, buff aired 2003 and this is 79!?

    This proves ol' mines are the best ones. Period.

    I wish you'll have a happy new year!

  2. I feel really uneasy about the fact there is yellow paint in your thumb yet there's no yellow on the statue BTW

    1. You're a little too observant, javi 😄. I think I took that picture a good while ago, probably while I was painting my Bad Moon ork boyz 🤔.

      Thanks as always for your comments. I'm glad you like this! Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Great piece! I've never seen this one from Ral Partha.


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