Monday, July 04, 2022

Sellsword and Scamper

Harry Fell and Chiseltooth
15 mm


"Fell, right? I heard you quested with Sir Roderick to defeat the Blood Baron of Skull Keep!"

"Defeated, all right, I struck the killing blow myself!  I'm actually wearing his armour. Heh heh... I wasn't risking my hide except for treasure. And that's where I found Chiseltooth here.  Good fighter he is, and smarter than any dog.  Now... even a Blood Baron's spoils don't last forever, so if you've a mind to retain me, best be saying something.  And I'll trouble you for another ale, too."

I'm not sure who makes these figures, I received them in a swap from my Insta buddy winnipegmichael, along with a bunch of other neat 15mm stuff (like these Alternative Armies Tengu he painted).

"Oh you want to eat crow, huh?  Sic em, Chiseltooth!"

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  1. Very clean work! I always found 15s hard to paint but you did a great job,


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