Friday, July 01, 2022

A Rush Job - Red Barchetta

Red Barchetta
20mm scale

I strip away the old debris
That hides a shining car
A brilliant Red Barchetta
From a better vanished time
Fire up the willing engine
Responding with a roar.
Tires spitting gravel
I commit my weekly crime...

This little vignette is inspired by the epic 1981 Rush song "Red Barchetta" from the album Moving Pictures.  Neil Peart wrote the lyrics based on a science fiction story called "A Nice Morning Drive", about a future where old, "unsafe" cars have been replaced by safe armored behemoths... whose drivers sometimes run old cars off the road for sport.  A man takes his uncle's carefully hidden roadster for a country joyride and has a narrow escape from two "gleaming alloy aircars". 

The car is a Matchbox 1949 Kurtis Sportcar.  The human figure here is actually my very first 3-D printed figure, a model from Thingiverse printed off on my supervisor's Ender 3.  I included a few Rush references in the model just for fun:


  1. Now THAT is how you celebrate Canada Day.

    It's a miniature that's worth a thousand words... so much story-telling, so much suggestion, so much promise. Hats off for both concept and execution. (The haybales are a perfect little detail).

    1. Thank you! Glad you like. It IS a bit of Canadiana, for sure. Maybe I should do a Tragically Hip song next 🤔😄

      (The hay bales are shredded twine, glued to bricks of cork, and "tied" up with thread. Model railroader trick from YouTube.)

    2. You are wise to learn the tricks of the model railroaders. They have ancient knowledge.

  2. So lovely. The hay everywhere, the tiny details here and there... everything looks so natural! Did you repaint the car itself or is it its original colour? I love how it all looks!

    1. Ha, no. The car is not repainted. I knew I could not remotely match the original Matchbox candy coat. I did matte varnish and shade the interior, but then it ended up completely covered by the tarp 🤷

      I'm glad you think it looks natural. I always struggle with that when I'm doing scenes or dioramas. Thanks!


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